Green Fields, Plentiful Flocks, and Sex?

Yes, the fairy goddess above is a beautiful fantasy, but many of us stand in awe of our Creator and Mother Nature, grateful to them for everything good in our lives. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of religions run the gamut from rare and misunderstood to popular and widely accepted, but at one time or another, nearly every culture has celebrated Beltane. Beltane, you say? 

Remember dancing around the Maypole and enjoying lots of delicious food on May Day? The celebration’s title varies, but partying over green fields, plentiful vegatation and flocks, love, lust, birth, and creation of life in its many forms has been with us since the beginning of time.

Before many theologians decided to represent the Creator as asexual, wiping the existence of everything female from the life-giving process (probably had something to do with the belief that Eve plunged us all into sin all by her lonesome), May 1st was celebrated as a time of rebirth, originally thought to be the time when the goddess (Ki, but She has many names) opened to the god of creation (Yahweh, but He has many names, too) and new life was created, including plentiful crops, fertile livestock, even fertile women.

My point is that although Beltane is considered a pagan holiday, we all celebrate life. The Vodouin faith calls it Loa, a spiritual term beyond literal English translation, but spirit of life, vibrance, and purpose all rolled into one comes close to a definition. The term Beltane originated in the Celtic culture, but other civilizations have always celebrated the time of year as well, calling it a multitude of names, and there was always a party associated with the joy accompanying new life.

So, The Romance Troupe, in keeping with the widespread feeling of joy, gratitude, and appreciation of life, creation, love, The Creator, and Mother Nature, is gearing up for a party! We’re calling it a Beltane Blitz, and representing it with fire in reverence of the traditional Beltane fire dance! We hope you join us for our Beltane Blitz with prizes, fun games including our popular scavenger hunts for even more prizes, and great stories and books, of course.

In addition to the grand prize, each blog is offering a prize. You can also win prizes by playing games and answering questions. Think I used the word “prizes” enough times? LOL. Join our event page for up-to-date info. Come party with us May 1st – 3rd and celebrate the combustible nature of life!