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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dariel's 2013 Writing Goals Revisited

Ah, the advent of Spring. Resurrection Day, bright colors, blooming flowers, and...time to revisit my goals. ** = Completed.

As you can see, I've gotten off to a pretty good start. Published "Dark Sentinels Book Two: Torin" mid-February, so it's still a relatively new release, and sent the manuscript of "The Alerians - Dark Progeny Series" book 2 - "Gideon's Light" to my publisher (it was approx. a week later than I'd originally planned). 

I made a couple of revisions for two reasons: "Gideon's Light" was a bit late (it just kept growing!), and I got side-tracked (happens a lot) by another story so vivid I just had to write it. That's what I'm doing right now (note #3).

Finally, I decided to hold off on content edits to my mega-long reincarnation novel until next year so I can release book one of my new series, "Children of Cain" no later than the end of January. Notice, too that I'm planning to release "Dark Sentinels Book Three: Parrish," "The Alerians - Dark Progeny: Gideon's Light" (bk.2), "The Alerians - Dark Progeny: Rehobeth's Passion" (bk.3), and finish the outline of "Dark Sentinels Book Four" by the end of the year. We'll see how that goes.
  1. Complete rewrites for book 2 of “Dark Sentinels” series and release in February.**
  2. Complete book 2 of “The Alerians – Dark Progeny” series and send to editor by mid-March. **
  3. Complete erotic romance short and submit to publishers by end of March.
  4. Complete Complete book 3 of “The Alerians – Dark Progeny” series and send to editor by mid-June.
  5. Complete book 3 of “Dark Sentinels” to send to editor by mid-August.
  6. Complete rewrites for book 3 of “Dark Sentinels” and release end of September.
  7. Complete Christmas novelette by end of October to send to editor.
  8. Complete outline of “Children of Cain Book One: Ishmael” by end of October.
  9. Successfully complete Nano Wrimo draft with “Children of Cain.”
  10. Complete "Children of Cain Bk.1" by mid-December
  11. Complete outline of "Dark Sentinels Book Four" by end of December.
Click here for a Sneak Peek Sunday snippet of the erotic romance short I'm working on

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