Dariel's #Sneak Peek Sunday - "Gideon's Light" (WIP)

#Sneak Peek Sunday - "Gideon's Light" - "The Alerians - Dark Progeny" Book Two (WIP)
So pumped up at the thought of having something to do, he barely even noticed the time waning when a sword pierced him through.
Thankful for his special gift as usual, he raised his palm in the direction of the sword wielder and electrocuted him instantly. Gideon smiled, replaying the death of each of the six Minions at his hands. His swords were merely a distraction.
His smile waned as soon as he remembered his ability to regenerate would be of no use. His body would not be able to repair itself flying at this altitude, and without human sustenance, antibodies, they were called, he had no protection against disease.
Gideon tried to sense a secluded place to land, but there were too many heartbeats everywhere as he began.
 to lose altitude. Already below the clouds, he was falling fast, fear of being seen the least of his worries. His 
wings cut through the air behind him, useless, and despite pressing his palm against his side to cauterize the 
pouring wound and stop the bleeding, he began to lose consciousness. 
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