Dariel's 2013 Update

Dariel’s 2013 Update

1.       Updated my blog with a schedule tab and online schedule

2.       Updated my blog with a Sneak peek/Review tab that takes visitors to my Dark Paranormal Series blog for my SneakpeekSundays posts, and reviews

3.       Three of my friends from The Romance Troupe are having a new release party! Join Lynda Kaye Frazier, Natalie Gibson, Krystal Shannan and me as we celebrate and get the word out about our new releases! Fun, games, and giveaways J

4.       “Dark Sentinels Book Two: Torin,” the second book in my “Dark Sentinels” series will release on Valentine’s Day! Several of my friends are hosting me for a DIY “relaxed” book tour. They’re in red on my blog schedule (remember the new tab?)

5.       The Heartbreaker Hop is Feb. 8th – 11th

6.       My first “Musings of an Independent Artist” newsletter will be published tomorrow!

7.       Added completion meter for “The Alerians – Dark Progeny: Gideon’s Light” to my blog. You can check about once a week to see how I’m coming along.

8.       Signed up as a Bewitching Book Tours host. Watch for Tour guests on my blog.