Dariel's Book Talk Wednesday Guest is Multi-published Author Deborah Palumbo!

Join me in welcoming multi-published author Deborah Palumbo to my site, today!
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Hi everyone.
I'm the author of the paranormal romance series THE UNDEPARTED and 7 other novels.
I'm a self-pubbed author spinning yarns in two genres available in ebook and paperback: Romance....historical and paranormal laced with mystery and sometime spice.... and Mystery/crime; you know, who dunnit with frustrated detectives who are hot on the trail of some killer. I also co-wrote a screenplay with the acclaimed actor/writer Jordan Rhodes.
I was honored to have caught Jordan's attention with my mystery crime novel EDGE OF DARKNESS, hence his invitation to co write with him. He wrote a review of me and my novel I'd love to share with you:
"Edge of darkness is a taut suspenseful Detective thriller laced with humor that reminds one of the wit displayed by the character of Lenny from Law & Order. It's an interesting read that would easily translate to film as it conveys visuals to the reader. For every Mickey Spillane fan out there - Mickey's back - only he's a female and her name is Deborah Palumbo"...JORDAN RHODES Actor/writer
I was delighted...actually I was tickled pink...to read this kind review and be asked to co write the screenplay of his upcoming film with him and Lynn Moore. I've also written a screenplay based on one of my mystery novels THE DOCTORS. That one was a medical thriller.
I am in the process of writing the 3rd sequel in the VAMPIRE series The Undeparted. The new book is called THE BANISHED ONE; the 4th one has already been conceived. I'm anxious to share them with you. Also, I've just published a vintage detective novel, a 1948 crime noir, WHEN THE TEMPERATURE RISES. The 2nd book in that series is a work in progress!
I wish I could say that I write these tales of love and murder and mayhem behind an antique desk, but the fact is I write in my king bed with my pillows scrunched up behind me! I began this whole writing journey when I became bedridden and homebound. Talk about fate. I had always wanted to write novels, since I was a kid, but it took a period of long confinement to bring about that dream.
When I'm not writing I enjoy relaxing at home; occasionally in front of the TV watching the old black and white shows or listening to 70's music. I'd prefer to play cards or Scrabble rather than go to a club. I'd rather take a long drive on a country road than jet off somewhere. I love to cook for friends. Sometimes I pull out the good china and other times I use my favorite Hallmark paper plates, but what really matters is the laughter and good conversation and especially a discussion about a good book!
Oh yeah, I love cheeseburgers!
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Thank you so much Dariel. 
You're very welcome, Deb! Readers, sign up for blog updates for a reminder to visit me on Halloween for Deborah's cover reveal and an anthology with my friend Jennifer James!


Dariel Raye said…
Welcome, Deb! I'm happy to have you visiting with me today :-)
Unknown said…
Thanks so much Dariel for letting me ramble on! It was so good working with you and getting acquainted! I think you're awesome and am glad we're friends!
Dariel Raye said…
I feel the same way! Plus, you've got some great reads. Looking forward to a long friendship and more books :-)