How long have you been writing? Started writing short stories and winning essay contests as a child, and wrote some rather dreary poetry in high school, but my first release was Vashti’s Star in 2003.

What's the hottest love scene you've ever written? (Excerpt- optional) What’s hot is extremely relative, but right now, Aidan’s will (paranormal romance that I’m working on) has the hottest love scene.

David began to pull back out, allowing the pearls to slide across his teeth…..

Who's your favorite hero? Heroine? My favorite hero is always the one I’m writing at the time. Right now, his name is David, a 6’3’’ Native American Aries with creative bedroom interests and lots of secrets.

What's your writing routine? I’m most creative late at night, say from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m., and I write all day on Saturday when I’m not working in the studio.

Where do your ideas come from? God has blessed me with a childlike imagination fit for adult fancy:)

Which do you create first: characters or the plot? Definitely characters.

Is your glass half empty or full? Always half full. Who’s gonna say their glass is half empty?

What's your favorite genre? Paranormal romance with the inherent suspense and mystery. I mean paranormal in the broadest sense (voodoo, clairvoyance, reincarnation, angels, deities, unusual shape-shifters, etc.)

True or False: Do your characters reinact your secret desires? False. They’re just a pleasant escape. Unlike real life, their stories always end well.

What are your thoughts on writing erotic romance? Your genre? Erotic romance is the best of both worlds. There’s a storyline for those of us who need a plot, and there’s hot sex for those of us who enjoy the “steamy” side of life. Paranormal is my favorite because it allows me to bend and break even more rules.

What's under the covers? (Upcoming releases)? Working frantically on Aidan’s Will, the story of two lovers, a Vodouin empath and a medicine man, who die tragically in the 19th century and are reincarnated in the 21st century. This time, however, she does not know who he is, and he is in danger of possession by an ancient deity that has stalked his family for more than 100 years. After it’s edited, I’ll work more on Gabriel’s Keep, my take on the ancient story of an archangel who is born into a human family with a frightening mission. The woman chosen to share in the fulfillment of this mission is an abused housewife who has no idea who or what he is.


Anonymous said…
So I clicked over here from our diva PM and I have you come up with great answers to these interview questions!!!

Congrats on your contest placement
Dariel Raye said…
Thanks for all the info! Did you see where I added you?
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That's so cool! Savvy has that set up too. I wish wordpress would do something like that :)

It always cracks me up to see people clicking in from my hot writer friends into my little G-rated blog. They must think they stepped backward in time!

Keep it up. Lots of great advice on divas!