Thank you for expressing interest in my Dreamweavers Team :-) My review policy is currently in revision. Dreamweavers Team members will receive more information in our newsletter.

If you enjoy reading paranormal romance, urban fantasy with romantic elements, sweet holiday romance, or psychological suspense/thrillers, then sharing your thoughts on the stories, you will make a perfect team member. Some team members don't post reviews, acting as beta-readers only, but most post reviews as well as beta-read.

Beta Reading
Most of the time, I'll request certain information when you agree to beta read a work in progress, but I'm always interested in your overall take, i.e., whether you liked the characters or not, enjoyed or did not enjoy the story, and why or why not. Also, anything specific that you would like to know more about as I continue writing the story, and certainly anything that just seems glaringly wrong. Specific feedback might include whether particular scenes work, whether certain characters seem fleshed-out enough, whether I've done enough to make story elements believable, etc.

Please read the following guidelines:

You MUST be 18+.

In case you're new to the whole review-posting thing, this is for you. Reviews can be as simple as 2 or 3 lines, or they can include all of the following. Please do not include spoilers, details about plot twists or other premature info that could spoil the story for others who have not yet read it. Remember, it's not a book report ;-) Also, since Amazon considers people who are connected via Facebook or Twitter to be friends, they tend to remove reviews posted by readers who are connected to the author via other social media outlets if that information is disclosed. 


This is an Awesome chance. Thank you! Im a huge fan😄