New Release: "Levees, Lost Crowns & Loa by Brenda Trim



Hold on to your cauldrons, because the Six Twisted Sisters are back and ready to tackle the latest supernatural disaster!

After quieting the chaos caused by that pesky, magical hurricane, the sisters could sure use a break. But that’s not how their twisted luck works. Before they can even breathe a sigh of relief, a levee mysteriously breaks, flooding parts of the city making gondolas a viable mode of transportation.

The sisters could sit back and enjoy their beignets anyway, but that has never been their style. And if they can declare victory over a malevolent Voodoo Queen, surely they can handle a lake monster rearing its scaly head.

If only that were the end of their troubles!

When a missing crown with ties to a dangerous loa forces the sisters to play supernatural hide and seek, they aren’t just going to play a friendly game of dress-up once they win. In fact, if they can’t find the crown and it falls into the wrong hands, New Orleans will never be the same.

So what’s a coven of trouble-magnet witches to do? With the destiny of their beloved city once again hanging by a thread, you can bet they won’t be sipping potions in their parlor. And this time, when the Twisted Sisters put their wits and spells to the test, they won’t rest until they’ve saved their home - and their favorite demon-owned bar - from the worst possible fate yet.

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