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"Dark Sentinels Book Three: Parrish"

Countdown to Release Day (July 28th, 2022)

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One accidental touch changes their lives forever.

The brush of her fingers, one accidental touch, and he’s caught up in a world with which she is all too familiar. 

Dana Rainwater is dying. Her life becomes even more complicated when she witnesses a murder. Making matters worse, the murderer believes she can identify him. Taking leave from the pop-gospel stage to live out her final months in peace, she visits a remote area to commission the designs of a famous, yet reclusive architect few have ever seen. 

Wolf sentinel shifter Vadrian Parrish is a renowned architect whose nature-inclusive designs have earned the title of “Healing Plans.” Born to a high calling, his disturbing premonitions render him nearly inaccessible to others, but Dana’s touch draws him into another nightmare, one he’s not sure he wants to escape.

 From the moment Dana and Parrish make eye contact, their connection is undeniable. Dana is compelled to be with him. If only she had met him sooner. Can their destiny overcome the dangers threatening to annihilate them? 

 *While introducing a new hero and heroine, this long-awaited sequel includes the continuation of the Dark Sentinels Prequel (Syreena and Cord), Book One (Akila and Sable), and Book Two (Steph and Torin). Contains explicit love scenes, profanity, and violence.


Despite his morning run, his wolf bristled, not out of anger, but desire. The females he slept with never would have stood up to him about anything. Dana Rainwater had fight. He admired that. "Satisfied now, or do you need me to change something else for you?" He couldn't seem to get rid of the growl.

"I am more than satisfied. Looks wonderful now, exactly the way I want it. Thank you for accommodating my need for privacy, Vadrian." Her warm smile lit the room, flirty and contagious, but there was also a note of mischief.

It seemed like she wasn't surprised or fazed at all by his behavior, and yet just one moment of her disapproval was a brief but sharp chisel in his chest. Her disposition changed from incensed to pleased…as soon as she got what she wanted, and he couldn't help himself. Smiling like a fool, careful to keep his pointed incisors under wraps, all he wanted was to make her happy.


He turned to leave, raking a hand through his hair. His wolf refused to remain contained much longer, clawing at him to make a move. He had spent his life controlling his impulses, keeping the wildness inside him under wraps, but seeing Dana, smelling her, sensing her desire for him was unexpected. Something primal raged inside him. He needed time to pull himself together.

Preoccupied with getting out of her vicinity, he didn't realize she had been getting closer and closer to him, invading his personal space until it was too late. A soft touch on his arm caused him to jerk, snapping around to face her. Dana's entire body lined up with his. Her touch surprised him, eliciting a visceral response that nearly caused an impromptu shift. Sizzling heat shot through him, powerful enough to render him silent.

"Vadrian?" His name fell from her lips with reverence he did not deserve.

So, Trice and Harry had been right about the power of mates. Damn. Dana's touch jolted his wolf into overdrive, drawing him into a tsunami of emotions and events that were not his own – pain, fear, excitement, sadness. It was too late. Everything he had initially questioned became clear—why she had come to him, thousands of miles away from her original home. She had been drawn to him in the same way he was drawn to her right now.

When Dana quickly removed her hand and took a step back, he realized he had instinctively frowned.

"Excuse me. I…was distracted for a moment and forgot about your 'no-touch' rule." She didn't look sorry.

He listened to her response amidst the sharp vision her touch elicited. He saw it clearly…Dana ran, terrified. A man chased her, but he couldn't see the man's face clearly. Dana's screams rang out, piercing his eardrums.

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