Memorial Day, A Love Story, and a Miracle

Memorial Day, set aside to honor our fallen heroes. Living near beaches, Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to go to the beach and take advantage of the warm weather before it starts feeling like Death Valley. I've told you about my father more than once, so today, I chose a wonderful true war story filled with miracles, fate, and romance. This story was shared with me by one of my VIP Book Club members. Thank you for sharing your story, Chari! Enjoy. 

Nov 11 remembrance day is our primary day for honouring our soldiers in Canada 🇨🇦.  We have a may long weekend the week before the US in celebration of Victoria day (queen Victoria of England's birthday was May 24 and she was the royal in power that allowed Canada to become a country not just a settlement of great Britain).  My two grandfather's served in world War 2, one stayed Canada side guarding Halifax Harbour and the other was an infantryman serving all over France and part of Italy during that war.  I only met the grandfather from Nova Scotia as my other grandfather died of lung cancer before I was ever conceived.

Meet Cute story....

My grandfather George is the one that served in Halifax guarding the Harbour and one day while on patrol he got his fellow serviceman to cover for him as he had just found the love of his life, the girl he was going to marry!   George and Amanda married in less than 3 months from that first meeting, they had 8 live birthed children, a stillborn twin of my uncle Everett and a few miscarriages.  Their children grew up to be teachers, nurses, janitors, general labourers spread across Canada and they all made it home for their 50th wedding anniversary back when I was 20.  When my nana was 89 she passed away and my grandfather who survived her by 3 more years, never fully understood she was gone because he had developed dementia at the end.

This is Chari's grandfather, Thomas. He died of Cancer before she was born

Miracle story....

My grandmother Isabelle was born after my great grandmother died of pneumonia at 8 months pregnant.  It was the Catholic priest wanting to give last rites to the baby still in the dead mother's womb that had the doctor performing a post mortem cesarean to birth my very much alive grandmother!  

She turns 95 in October God willing.  She still lives in a rambling 2 story duplex townhouse in a small lakeside section of the city. She purchased it close to 50 years ago. An active woman that will likely live longer than her elder sisters. The longest age lived so far is by Betty at age 108 mere weeks away from her 109th birthday.  

My grandmother Isabelle was part of the ladies auxiliary for the war effort in world War 2 and she met my grandfather Thomas at a dance/ mixer in 1947 following his return home from the war front.  They married in Dec 1947.  I am the only granddaughter born to their line amongst many grandsons. ~ Chari

I hope you had a thoughtful Memorial Day :-)


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