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NO MERE MORTAL – Decagon Book 1

By Amara Dey


Venus Myles, orphaned at birth, is a London-based dance teacher and unaware of her divine lineage – that is until a strange encounter thrusts her into a world of gods and magic.

She learns from Bolt, a disgraced deity from the planet Decagon, that she is his realm’s savior, and a passionate connection sizzles between them.  But when Bolt unexpectedly disappears, a determined Venus travels to Decagon to find him and learn more about her destiny. 

Assuming, of course, she can escape the powerful and deadly witch Ansa, who wants her dead, find Bolt, and tap into her dormant magical abilities. 

And do it in time to stop an apocalypse that will destroy her, Bolt, his world, and his kind.(

NO MERE MORTAL Decagon Book 1 By Amara Dey 

Venus took Bolt’s face between her hands. “I understand. You needed an incentive. It’s a difficult task convincing a human she’s a demigod and your world’s savior.”

“But my reasons were self-serving.”

“Yet you’ve saved me again and again. Protected and cared for me.  I love how that makes me feel. And you didn’t have to admit your motives, but you did, which makes you honest. A trait I admire.”

Her words of forgiveness released her negative emotions and healed her heart, soul, and mind. And Bolt’s, too, judging by the softness in his eyes.

“I like the way your brain works.”

“Do you appreciate my mind and my body?” Venus unbuttoned Bolt’s tunic

Bolt shrugged it away, the undershirt he wore followed, and his soft look deepened to desire. “You know I do.”

Venus pressed a kiss to Bolt’s bare skin. He sucked in his breath, waved his palm along her zipper, and she found herself naked. Dress and underwear pooled around her feet.

“How unfair,” Venus said, a smile crinkling the corners of her eyes. “It’s time I leveled the playing field.”

She unzipped Bolt’s trousers, slid a hand down the front of his underpants, and gave a playful squeeze. Bolt rumbled a moan, and they floated upward. The rest of his clothes glided off him and joined hers on the floor. With her arms wrapped around Bolt’s waist, Venus relished his studded torso against her nakedness, and how his body current inflamed her. He drugged her with a deep kiss, her toes curled, and heat pooled between her legs. When Bolt moved to feather kisses along her throat, Venus arched backward. He cupped the back of her head with one hand, while the other made lazy strokes down her spine, then explored the smooth skin of her buttocks.

They stopped soaring, and Bolt changed direction. Floated around and lay her on the flat ceiling gently as though she were precious and fragile. Venus looked at the bed far below, dressed in sexy silk sheets, then Bolt’s body covered hers. His cock nudged apart her folds and pushed deep. Venus accommodated Bolt’s invasion with an eager whimper, while he stared into her eyes. The intimate visual caress, together with Bolt’s rhythmic thrusting, built her tension to the sweetest point. In wild longing Venus pumped her hips against Bolt until she spiraled toward a climax with a loud moan. Bolt’s hot seed flooded inside her. When she ceased shuddering, Venus saw Bolt’s eyes gleam with frank male satisfaction.

Bolt floated them back down into the springy comfort of his huge bed, and amid its scarlet silken coolness Venus cuddled into him. With a contented sigh and a smile of pure pleasure at her first experience of floating sex.

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A hearty dish for hungry heroes everywhere!


·       1 onion diced

·      2-3 spring onions

·      3-4 garlic cloves – chopped

·      1 cup sweet peppers – optional

·      1 sprig oregano

·      1 sprig rosemary

·      1-2 sprigs thyme

·      2 bay leaves

·      ½ a Scotch Bonnet pepper (if you like it spicy)

·      1 tsp salt (or to taste)

·      1-2 stock cubes

·      2 cups coconut milk

·      2 ½ cups of rice (I use Basmati)

·      2-3 pounds of beef (stewing steak works or I use rump)

·      1 tbsp All Purpose seasoning

·      Garlic and onion powder to taste

·      ½ tsp black pepper

·      Dash of Worcester Sauce and Dash of Soy Sauce (unsalted) (if liked)

·      1 tbsp brown sugar

·      2 tbsp oil for browning


Season the meat, cook this first, and set aside:

·       Cut beef into cubes and season with the garlic and onion power and All Purpose,  black pepper – plus the Worcester and Soy sauce if liked

·       Place the oil in a pan, heat and add the brown sugar

·       When it starts to bubble, add the meat and brown, then add enough water for the meat to cook until tender.  I  gauge this, and keep adding as needed.


·       With the beef done, in another large pot, bring 10 cups of water to the boil

·       Add the diced onions, garlic, spring onions, peppers and herbs

·       Add stock cubes

·       Add salt to taste and cook for 10 minutes

·       Add the coconut milk and boil for 7-8 minutes

·       Place the rice in the pot – the liquid should just cover the rice

·       If  I think there is too much liquid in the pot, I pour some off into a jug and add as I go along.  This way the rice doesn’t dry out and burn, or turn mushy. Gauge as best you can

·       Add the beans, stir once, cover and turn down the heat

·       Test often to ensure rice isn’t too soft, too hard, or burning.  And Basmati cooks quite quickly.

·       When the rice looks close to being done i.e. hardly any liquid left, add the cooked meat and give a good stir.

·       Turn off the heat

 Thanks, Amara !

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