"A Darker Shade of Evil" Spotlight, Excerpt, and Interview : "Alone in the Dark" by Khardine Gray

Alone in the Dark
Khardine Gray
USA Today Bestselling Author

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 A Darker Shade of Evil
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Alone In The Dark
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Muffy Wilson – USA Today Bestselling Author
Succubus Unleashed
Keta Diablo – Bestselling Author
I Spy A Demon
Marilyn Harlow – Bestselling Author
Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend
Gracen Miller – Bestselling Author
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The Demon’s Prisoner
Katherine Smits – Bestselling Author
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Alone in the Dark
Khardine Gray
USA Today Bestselling Author

     Tagline 1:  The Demons and devils threatened to take everything and rip their world apart.
Tagline 2:  I shouldn’t want him, we want different things .
I’ve always known I should stay away from the alpha wolf. But when the demons and devils unless their evil it’s 0nly us who can stop them from tearing everything apart.  

-->He was a werewolf…
There, that should have been reason enough to keep me away.
Witches from the Coven of Shadows and werewolves do not mix.
Even before it was forbidden, they didn’t do it.
But… that never stopped me from wanting him the alpha wolf.
Attraction brought us together, but the demons and devils may drive us apart.
A war is coming, we both know it.
If he plays by his own rules, I’ll be alone in the dark…

I looked around the room and my spirits fell. 
That was the best words I could find to describe how I felt. 
I knew this would happen. After Father’s betrayal, it was a wonder how anyone was here at all. 
This was the first Realm’s Council meeting since we found out who and what he was. 
This was the state of us four months later. A shadow of what we’d previously been.
A meeting hall that was once full of magical and mystical beings from every realm known to man and creature was now less than half. I’d counted a total of sixteen people present, and that included me. The room was designed to hold sixty people. We had a long table that seated each and every one of them. All representatives from the mystical and magical community who’d trusted us as the Ravenwood family to be their leaders. 
Us who were high witches from the Coven of Shadows. The oldest witching coven that had been around since the dawn of time. 
Bad enough that we were already rare with the few numbers we had since you belonged to the coven by birthright but add this debacle to it and I would say it was a sign of serious change. 
When people no longer trusted you to lead that was a big problem. Never mind the fact that it wasn’t you who dealt the damage. It was sufficient that the same blood flowed through my veins.  
It was all however, problems I would have to deal with because it would be me taking over from Father. Not my mother as I assumed. 
That was what she wanted to tell everyone today. 
Everyone which included my sisters: Juliana and Gabrielle, The three vampires from the Order of Raphael- Tristan my soon to be brother in law and his brothers, Ivan and Virgil, and ten others. The ten were a mixture of fae folk. The weaker beings who’d always looked to us for protection over the centuries. 
It was a given that they’d always follow us, and I got the feeling that the Order of Raphael were only here because of Tristan. Ivan was leader but Tristan had a strong influence over them. They were brothers and much like my sisters they’d support me. 
Mother stood and looked around the room. We’d given time for lateness and waited for half an hour already just waiting to see who would be coming. 
She looked to me and I nodded. Yes, better to start than piss off the people who were already here . It would be disrespectful. 
She waved her hand and the large oakwood doors closed at her will. With them my heart crumbled. 
No point looking out for anyone else. This was it. 
It was just that there was one person I’d always looked out for and it crushed me to see he really wasn’t coming. 
Lucian Feynnoir.
Lucian the leader of the lycans and werewolves. 
We used lycans and werewolves interchangeable here no matter you were who was born with the lycanthropic abilities and or a human who’d been bitten and changes with the moon. They all answered to him as their leader regardless of whichever pack they traveled in or what part of the world or realm they came from. 
It was him. His absence meant they were no longer with us. 
It also meant he truly didn’t care about me. 
He never did. I was a witch and he was a werewolf. Why would he? 

Even if I thought he did, I was totally wrong. If I wasn’t then I would have seen him after Father’s betrayal and he would be here now. 

Why do I write?

Writing is my passion. I’ve never gone a day without writing. I love creating characters with their own wonderful stories.
What genre does your work fall in?

I write contemporary, paranormal, and interracial romance.

      Why did you chose that genre?

I love love and writing about people falling in love and the adventures they go on.

      How does your work contribute to that genre?

I write with a creative passion that evokes the essence of romance. I take my time to ensure my pages leap out at you with the story as you read my work.

      What would the title of your life story be?

The Girl who did everything and never stopped trying.

      Besides writing do you have any other creative passions?

I love ice skating and dancing.


Khardine Gray is an USA Today Bestselling author.
-->She writes contemporary romance, multicultural romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense.
Her books have sexy, drool-worthy heroes who will make you melt, and sassy, fun loving, ambitious heroines.
She simply adores her readers and loves spoiling them.

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