Review: "Sweet Poisons" by Natalie Bennett

Sweet Poisons
Natalie Bennett
(Pretty Lies, Ugly Truths Duets, #1)
Publication date: June 18th 2019
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Rhett Sullivan.
Mysterious boy painted in shades of red.
Nova Markov
Eccentric girl dripping in sunshine.
He was the type mother’s warned their little girls about—a cocky, rich asshole with a pretty smile, unapologetically insane and wild.
I was the type guys like him usually ignored—a free spirit who hid my crazy beneath an odd good girl facade, and the art hanging on my studio walls.
We were opposites in every way but one, and we collided like two runaway trains that never had a chance of stopping.
What blossomed between us, our ‘relationship’, was maniacal.
We got stuck in a cycle of madness.
Rhett Sullivan became a bittersweet poison I couldn’t get enough of.
In the end, that’s what destroyed me.
Because in the end?
Our love was nothing but a lie.
I said I was done slapping warning labels on my book babies this year, but since I have never written full on NA yet, I’m going to give a tiny one now. This will be the only label this duet will have. If you are not a fan of twisted stories that deal with dark themes, rich assholes, and lots of filthy sex, this will not appeal to you. This couple is not unicorns and rainbows and neither is their story.

Author Bio:
Shameless author of twisted unconventional love stories.
Natalie has a penchant for (writing) villainous immoral men and tends to deviate away from traditional happily-ever-afters.
When she isn't slaying words on multiple projects, she's either sipping on a margarita or hanging out in the sunshine state with her husband, their three boys, and her pit-bull named Lulu.


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Have you ever read a story with characters traditional society says you shouldn't like? This is one of those, and my first story by Natalie Bennett. Both Nova and Rhett are dripping with dark sex appeal, mystery, and secrets, as well as myriad personality disorders. I LOVED them! They are unique and intriguing, with layers I can't wait to uncover.

This is a five-star story with 2-star editing. I stopped counting the misspelled words, typos, and misused words before chapter three, but despite this very fixable flaw, I was really impressed with the plot and characters in this fast-paced, emotional thrill ride. Nova is dark and troubled, while Rhett is brazen and dangerous. The chemistry between these two volatile forces blazes on every page and I could not stop reading until the abrupt ending of book one. 

Thankfully, there is a book two coming, and I am eager to find out what happens next. Bennett's ability to draw me into their worlds and care what happens to them is exquisite. The author has mastered the fine line between abuse and treading on the dark side, and I highly recommend this entertaining glimpse into the lives of two young lovers surviving on the fringes, hiding their secrets in plain sight. If you enjoy dark romance, I have no doubt that you will love Nova and Rhett as much as I do.

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