Gone, but Never Forgotten: Happy Veteran's Day, Daddy

It's no secret that I've always been a daddy's girl. This Veteran's Day I'm reminiscing about my father. Yes, I realize Veteran's Day was actually yesterday, technically, that is, but since we're observing it today, here I am with a few poignant memories and musings about my dad.

My dad grew up in what we call 'the country,' served during the Korean War, and moved to the city, met my mom, and the rest is history. Always an early riser, he woke at 3:30 or 4 a.m. EVERY day, including weekends. Unfortunately, no one else in our house inherited the early rising gene. The rest of us have always been night owls. What I did inherit though, was the ability to enjoy my own company and seek quiet, uninterrupted time wherever I can find it.

So, allow me to share a few endearing facts about my dad with you... 

On weekdays, he always followed the same routine. He'd mop the floors before the rest of us woke up and got in his way, brew my mom's coffee and take it to her while she sat on the side of the bed doing her best to wake up and get her day started, then prepare breakfast for me and my sister. afterward, he'd patiently wake us while we grumbled, yawned, and complained, and do his best to coax us into eating breakfast.

When my mom and sister went shopping, something I hated with a passion, I often stayed home with my dad. Sometimes we'd hang out in his shop where I'd talk his ears off while he kindly responded with phrases like "Oh, yeah?" or "Ya don't say?" Other times we'd talk, laugh, and watch detective shows together.  Now that I've owned my own home and see the need for home repair, I wish I'd shut my big mouth long enough to learn some of his carpentry skills. He could make anything!

He was a carpenter by trade, and a teacher by nature with the patience of Job. 
I remember needing something for science fair when I was in middle school, so he taught me to make a pulley out of wood. I won first place. He also helped me ace mathematics, taught me how to drive, tie a man's tie, and paint the trim on cabinets just to name a few things.  There's so much more I could say, but I'll wait until Christmas :-)

Gone, but never forgotten. Happy Veteran's Day, Daddy. We miss you.