Mystic Realms Interview Revelations: Lynn Crain

Join author Lynn Crain as she gives us the inside scoop on her "Mystic Realms" story, "Avenging Aingeal." 

Just loved Urban Fantasy and wanted to do one with a sci-fi twist.

Bound by vengeance, she is humanity’s one hope… Aingeal Cochran is on a mission to save humanity from itself when suddenly she’s staring head-on at her forgotten past. Lukas Everhard must bring her up to speed regarding the real enemy before allowing himself to love her completely. In learning about her past and mission, Aingeal realizes the best is yet to be and she will do anything to protect those she loves. For Lukas, Aingeal is the mission. This is a story about a group, who come to our world to protect us from the bad guys they know are on the way. They come in pairs and only together can they defeat the darkness. Many humans call them angels because they have power over the elements and will use that power to protect Earth. The first story has a little twist because the female from the first pair dies in child birth.

Never give up, never surrender. ~ Galaxy Quest ~ That's my motto. Always go after your dream, continue to learn everything you can about the craft and practice every day to hone your skill.

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