VIP Dreams: Renewing Hope

I've been ranting lately about the pervading narcissism and mass acceptance of selfishness the world seems to have crumbled into. No, this is not just a rant; there's actually a silver lining. I think most of you know what I mean already, so I won't go into further detail about my beginning statement. Instead, I posed a question to my precious VIP Book Club members a couple days ago asking what they would do and how they would live if money wasn't an object and they could spend their time and resources however they chose. 

I wasn't surprised by their answers, but I was extremely pleased. At the risk of sounding like a flower child, I must say their responses helped renew my hope for mankind as a whole. Reminded me that there are still more good, caring people in the world who think about more than themselves. So, on that note, I received their permission, and I'd like to share some of their responses with you...

These are in random order, but you'll notice a common thread - giving hearts and concern for others.

I would have my health back and live outside of town with some acreage. It would be close to a lake and have a creek running through it.  I would have a large house with large rooms. A library with a fireplace and cozy chairs where I could loose myself in books. I have 3 cats but I recently lost one that meant a lot to me.  I would look to find a kitten like her and I would love to have dogs again.  I would have a rose garden, a vegetable garden, and fruit  trees. A garage with lifts and all the tools for my son to work on cars.   I would love to have an organization to help the veterens, homeless and hungry in our area. I would love to be able throughout the world. ~ Penny 

I would like to live somewhere warm with some one who loves me as much if not more than I love them, pets are okay but a nice hobby would be nice. ~ Elma

  I've always imagined if I won the lottery I would buy 60 acre's of land

 Fence it all in with a 6 ft privacy fence. I would build my house (an A-frame log cabin) in the very Center along with a barn for the animals. I want at least 2 dogs, 2 cats and at least 2 horses. Maybe even a cow or two and a couple of fainting goats. Also I would buy a new truck. And she lived happily ever after. ~ Linda 

Like you I would be free of lifelong illnesses. I would own a lavish resort on my own island, perhaps in Queensland, where I would have half the bookings kept free for families who cannot afford holidays or who have a family member in need of constant care. It would be all inclusive so no money needed. I would live in a house nearby with two cats and two dogs and all my children could live next to me or visit often. There would be a small herd of horses that are cared for by highly trained staff. I would run a crèche/preschool/school for staff families and all staff would be top of their field. All buildings would blend into the surroundings and be ultra modern. Lots of bright colours inside. There would be fruit trees, a market garden and herb garden. I guess it would have to be a fairly big island! ~ Kay

If money was no object, I would pay off my house and car, then pay for my son's new roof for his house.
I would also help people out with bills for food or children's school needs. ~ Cindy

For me I wouldn't be chronically ill either. I'd be healthy enough to get married, have a couple kids, own a ranch style house with a fenced yard for my dog to roam. I'd love it to be within walking distance of the water and I'd have a large garden in the summer. I'd love to make one trip to Ireland. If only money weren't an issue or my health. ~ Kim

Keep hope alive, my fabulous sisters. In the words of the sexy Michael Nouri in one of my favorite movies, Flashdance...
"You give up your dream, you die."