My Not So Secret Obsession: Game Of Thrones

Since its first season on television, when the direwolves were found, I've been hooked on this extraordinarily written, emotionally wrenching saga with its expansive scenery and brilliant composers. If you haven't yet seen George R. R. Martin's masterpiece come to life, this post should get you started or at least intrigue you, and if you're already fan, you'll still enjoy it. The show not only has a fantastic cast, but it has wolves and dragons. Who could ask for more?

I read the books and own the set, yet this series still manages to surprise me. I've been predicting what will happen on TV based on what happened in the books, and I can't wait to find out whether or not my theories are correct. In season 7 now, I believe there should be 2 more seasons after this one. The video below helps justify my obsession with the series. Tell me what you think after you watch.