Review: "Maximum Kill: Reaper Series Book 2" by Blak Rayne

Twice the evil. Twice the fun.’

After most of the government officials involved in the Snuff program are eliminated, Brody and Z take up residence in a deserted village south of Peardonville. Beisicker seems the perfect refuge nestled in a snow-covered valley, quiet and far from prying eyes. However, their time together is brief. 
Z is kidnapped, and Brody is forced to meet his first significant challenge, a fellow serial killer. The pharmaceutical giant End Life wants their best asset to return, and it will stop at nothing to make it happen.


“Maximum Kill” by Blak Rayne - Review
Gripping, Tender, and Dangerously Sexy
(Maximum Kill: The Reaper Series Book 2)

I was hooked on this series after reading the first paragraph of book one, and book two is even better. The unexpected relationship between two outcasts: Z, or Zeus, a male prostitute, and Brody, a brilliant, “born” killer, is enthralling and wrought with possibilities. Rayne’s deceptively beautiful prose grabs you by the throat and yanks you into each scene, right there beside the two multifaceted protagonists, caught up in the snow, rain, and thunderous gunshots.

Told from the point-of-view of the seemingly weaker protagonist, Z, without inundating the reader with detail after detail, the author dropped a well-placed sentence here and there to enhance the depth of each character. “Brody sat next to me reading a physics book.” I use the word “seemingly” because despite Z’s frail build, he is powerful in his fearless love for Brody. Through that love, he holds and wields a more powerful agent of change than he imagines. He has not allowed the horror of his past to dampen his willingness to open his heart in the face of the very real danger of  being destroyed.

The more I learn about Brody, the sexier he becomes. Despite his bad habit (killing), his fondness for Z is touching. Rayne has managed to pen a tale juxtaposing the innocence of first love and the gritty reality of  human darkness. This novella moves quickly, but contains the depth of  longer works. If you enjoy lots of action, the steady overcast of cold darkness, and romance all skillfully packaged into a quick, character-driven read, you are gonna LOVE “Maximum Kill.”


Dee said…
I have been following your reviews and always enjoy your insight.

Thank you.
Dariel Raye said…
Thanks, Dee! This was an easy review to write because the story and writing are both above average :-)
That is an incredible cover with one attractive model!!