What Are They thinking?: "Grimm" Update and Petition

The creative, well-written paranormal TV show, "Grimm," with its spectacular unpredictable characters and in-depth storyline, is in the heart-wrenching limbo state of cancellation. We need your help, so please read on.

This is one of my favorite shows because it has managed to keep me enthralled season after season. That is no easy feat! As an avid paranormal sampler and seasoned connoisseur of the sci-fi /speculative fiction realm, I know that holding my attention is no easy feat. I find most shows to be boring carbon copies after watching a season or two, or the characters become indigestibly (is that a word? It should be. LOL) stupider over time.

"Grimm" is one of the few exceptions, and has kept me writing away with glee more times than I can count. Yes, I'm one of those rare auditory folks, and I enjoy writing to the background sounds of good paranormal series and movies. That's a story for another time.

Anyway, so far, there are two petitions that I know of, to keep "Grimm" going. They've already started to garner some attention from networks, but more signatures are needed. Some ideas for the show include requests for Netflix, TNT, or Freeform to step in for the continuation of Season 7. So far, hosting at Freeform looks promising. 

For more about the show, click here, and please sign, share, and promote the petition by clicking here or completing it below. On behalf of every nerdy sci-fi / paranormal / fantasy / speculative fiction lovin' writer, reader, and watcher, thank you in advance :-)