It's Here! "Tying The Knot, Cedar Falls #11" by Shea Balik

Release Blitz! “Tying The Knot, Cedar Falls #11” by Shea Balik

Title: “Tying the Knot, Cedar Falls, Book 11”
Author: Shea Balik
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: April 6, 2016
Welcome to Cedar Falls, a small North Carolina town nestled amongst the Smokey Mountains. Where the people are friendly and the men are hot. Love is in the air for this special Cedar Falls edition.
Having decided to all get married at the same time, the couples must find a way to compromise on everything from decorations, to the cake, to the reception. And since no wedding would be complete without a bachelor party, Jesse Stone takes over the planning and leads his friends into a night of strippers, alcohol and a few other surprises that had Jesse on stage taking his clothes off.
Have a tissue handy for there won’t be a dry eye in the church as the couples recite their vows.
~ Playlist for Tying the Knot ~

Playing when Parker pops the question
  1. Love Someone by Jason Mraz
  2. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
  3. All of Me by John Legend
Strip Songs
  1. Pony by Ginuwine
  2. It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls
  3. S&M by Rihanna
  1. Marry Me by Train
First Dance
  1. Grow Old with Me by Todd Odell
Music for reception
  1. Better When I’m Dancing by Meghan Trainor
  2. Love on Top by Beyonce
  3. Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars
Take the journey with the first nine couples as they get engaged in their own special way. As with all the Cedar Falls characters, they each have their own unique story that will pull at your heartstrings.
Aidan & Zane
“Sweet Buns, Cedar Falls #1”
Ethan & Bram

“The Collared Pup, Cedar Falls 2”
Jesse & Parker

Nice’n’Rosy, Cedar Falls 3″
Tag & Ryder

“Lube Master, Cedar Falls 4”
Jax & Flynn

“Painful Pleasure, Cedar Falls 5”
Harley & Nathan

Bound for Your Pleasure, Cedar Falls 6″
Angelo & Kit

“High and Tight, Cedar Falls 7”
Griffith & Stone

“Utopia, Cedar Falls 8”
Jake & Shane

“Euphoria, Cedar Falls 9”
About the Author – Meet Shea Balik
Shea Balik has always had a vivid imagination with stories running around in her head.  Often her stories are taken from observations of other people with her own spin. Traveling is one of her favorite ways of fulfilling her passion of people watching.  You never know, one day you may spark her imagination for her next book.
Whether at home or traveling she is usually in front of her computer writing or curled up with a good book.

Yeah, I know that is what it says on all my books and you were hoping for more.  Well, since you went the extra mile to find out more about me, here it goes…
I grew up in the north, mostly Illinois and Michigan, but in high school my family moved to Nashville, Tennessee.  I graduated from high school there before marrying and moving to Norfolk, Virginia where my husband was stationed in the Navy.  Unfortunately we didn’t make it and ended up divorced but I did get an amazing son out of my marriage, so I can’t complain.
Now I live in sunny Florida, where the weather is always warm, or so we like to brag to the Northerners who are freezing their asses off in the winter while under six feet of snow and driving on ice.  Nope, there is no ice down here, except for what we put in our drinks to keep cool on the sandy beaches with the sun baking our skin to a golden brown. Well, unless you are me, who burns instead of tans.
It is the perfect life, if one discounts the hurricanes and rainy season.   Still, it beats having to shovel snow for months out of the year.
As for traveling, I am still working on traveling to every state within the United States.  I’ve been to at least half.  My favorite mode of transportation is the car, for I feel it is the best way to see the country.  Okay, okay.  It may have something to do with my being afraid to fly, no make that terrified.  I always felt if we were meant to fly, we’d have wings. Not that I won’t get on a plane, because I will, and do.  After all, how else does one get to Hawaii quickly?
For out of the country traveling, I have been to every Caribbean country that cruise ships visit, several times.  Being a Floridian means easy access to ports and cheaper rates.  Although, now that I’ve cruised so often, I get discounts for being a frequent cruiser.  In a perfect world, I would cruise around the world, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon, unless I win the lottery.
I have also been to India, three times.  Each time I went it impacted my life in profound ways.  But for me, the thing that sunk in the most, was just how lucky I am to live in the United States.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always known that, but seeing just how people live in other countries, especially the poor, isn’t something one can easily forget.   Not that it was all I saw, for it wasn’t.  The people I dealt with were kind, generous and eager to please.  I enjoyed getting a chance to visit there and experiencing their culture, which was rich with history.
Well, I hope that gave you some insight into who I am.  Please check out the rest of my website and keep reading.
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