Spotlight: "Dark Secrets" by Mikki Smith

Blurb: “Dark Secrets” by Mikki Smith

Misty’s family, hid a dark secret from her. Until the coven came to claim what they believe belongs to them. Their chosen ones, to lead the coven to become the most powerful. It’s written the twins who they separated at birth are to reign together as one to keep the bloodline pure. When Misty refuses to stand with them, hell will break loose.

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What people are saying about “Dark Secrets”

“…It's dark, suspenseful, with sexual content and graphic violence......”

“…You get from beginning to end at the edge of your seat, hoping against all that is Holy these characters stay alive !! That's how invested Mikki Smith makes you as she spins the solid 5 tale of evil, goodness and the will to survive…”


October 31, 1975
The storm was ravenous, ready to devour anything in its path. Lightning flashed wildly across the darkened sky. Misty Quinlin heard branches snap and fall to the ground from the high winds and pouring rain. She wanted to cry out from the pain as the freezing rain pelted into her wounds.
She knew to stop was not an option, it meant eternal death to her soul, she forced herself to continue. Misty needed to find her way out of this dark and dangerous forest that surrounded her if she was to survive.
     She knew the members of the evil coven still lurked somewhere deep in the woods. The only light she had was from the full moon- appearing unlike any she had ever seen. Bright orange, Laura, Misty’s best friend, referred to it as the blood moon that rarely appears. Laura warned that more evil occurs during a blood moon than any other. Lightning continued to flash across the midnight sky, but it was of little help. The trees were tall enough that their branches extended out as far as the eye could see, giving the illusion that the ends of the branches disappeared in the midnight sky. 

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