Spotlight: "Destiny Of The Witch" by Raven Moon

Rainelle Sterling was from a small town outside of Nashville, Tennessee. She has long red hair and eyes as green as Emeralds. In her small frame of five-foot- two- inches with her natural curves. She is an inspiring singer and actress trying to make it in the big lights of Nashville, Tennessee.
Her twin brother Reed had just graduated TSU with a ...BBA and Honors as he was planning his wedding.
She planned a weekend camping trip in the Mountains with their friends. This was going to be a weekend to celebrate life and happiness, or so she thought. 
But Destiny had other plans for her. She suffers a devastating loss after coming face to face with supernatural creatures. Finding two loves and as she is faced with telling her parents, she learns things about herself she never knew. Now she is on a mission to seek revenge, as she finds out more truths than she can handle.

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I'm a wife to a wonderful man of almost 30 years. A mother of 3. I have 3 granddaughters ages 9, 7, and 17 months. My children and grandchildren are my life. In my spare time I love hang with my kids and grandkids.  I love writing even though I've never dreamed of being a writer. 
I lost my dad unexpectedly in Oct. 2014 and in July of 2015, I picked up my laptop and started writing and that is what got me here today. I will take whatever is thrown my way and turn it into something positive, learn from it and grow as I go. Are you ready for a ride of your life, I know I am, so let’s do this, TOGETHER!