Flasher Friday: "Colors"

It's Friday once again, and here we are flashing 100 words, no more no less (supposedly). I must admit that I cheated a bit, but I needed more words to tell this story. Hope you enjoy, and take a look at my friends' flashes as well.


 “Stop holding back.” Henry couldn’t see the owner of the deep voice, but it’s effect was no less potent.

He turned, blinking as hot, bright lights struck him. He kept his head down, abysmally embarrassed when his aching hard-on rose in response.

Oh, God, not now! Sure the photographer and everyone else on the set thought him a perv by now, he didn’t dare look up.

“You, there. Henry, is it?” The cause of his excitement spoke again and he could barely speak.


Suddenly, two large, bare feet, muscular legs, and an erection even more impressive than his own stood facing him.

“Yes, Henry. The colors are much more beautiful when you allow your emotions to rise to the surface. Here, let me show you.”

The voice grabbed Henry and pressed his lips to his in a crushing kiss.

If the colors Henry saw were any indication, the pictures were going to be award winners.


Angelica Dawson said…
Fabulous flash. I like his hesitation and his partners ability to melt it completely.
Unknown said…
Award winners your characters would be. I love imagining the words you have used to describe the picture I see. Good Flash.
Mangus Khan said…
Enjoyed how you able to say so much in so few words,bravo
Dariel Raye said…
Thank you for the encouraging words :-) This picture brought an entire story to mind. Definitely got the two characters talking in my head. I'll probably have to write their entire story to shut them up now. LOL
Naomi Shaw said…
Excellent take on a difficult pic. Love it
Anonymous said…
Fantastic take on this picture, Dariel and hurray for the story idea! :-)
Beautiful flash and loved this story of how he eased his fears and worries. So sweet and loving.