Flasher Friday: Beautiful Vengeance

Happy Friday! Take a look at my flash inspired by this awesome pic. Hope you enjoy, and check out my friends' versions by clicking here. Comments are encouraged and appreciated :-)

Beautiful Vengeance

She rose from the ocean, regally adorned, precious jewels her only attire. 

Complete and utter silence spread over the camp as the heavily armed men stared, licking their lips. 

Aja stood before them, seething, her mocha-bronze skin glistening as the sun began its descent behind the thatched tents, her beauty earthy, sensual. 

She had crossed the Zambezi to catch the murderers of her children, hunted to the brink of extinction.

Forming a kiss with her full lips, Aja blew.

Soil shifted, rising up and capturing the murderous poachers in a whirlwind. 

Their bones cracked, their screams of pain dying in their throats. Dust from their bones returned to the soil.

Aja smiled. They never knew what hit them.


Unknown said…
I adore this- very magical and otherworldly. Well done at grabbing my attention and the essence of the picture.
Anonymous said…
Wow, what a nice flash you posted. I like the action you put into it.
Dariel Raye said…
Thanks for the supportive comments :-) Just made my rounds today. We all waxed mystical, but still decidedly unique stories from this exotically beautiful pic.
Intense!! Awesome flash, this could def go further as a longer story. Awesome!!
Julian Spong said…
Brilliant flash excellently written