Something For Everyone: "Santa's Naughty List"

Grab your copies now. Something for everyone. From fun and light, to dark and kinky, this super-sexy 25 novella set (all books in the set are new) has already hit the Top 100 International Bestsellers list in 3 categories, #1 down under, and there’s plenty more to go around!

25 Tales Of Paranormal Bad Boys Christmas are sexy, naughty, but nice. This group of twenty-five amazing authors decided to give you a Christmas treat. 

These stories were written with heart, love, and pleasure. The goal to provide the readers stories to enjoy this Christmas.

Danny....The 'Not Quite' Demon Christmas Love Story By Julia Mills
"Demons and elves and a mistletoe hanging on every door frame! Hold on to your stockings folks, this one's gonna ring your bells!"

Blood Moon Bond By P.T. Macias.
"Desperation leads to deception as a young god fights to win
his true mate's heart."

Bearfoot @ Xmas By Melissa Bell 
"Lexi Cavanagh is a special investigator for the Parks and Wildlife Rangers service. When she tracks a group of illegal poachers into Duke Greysons territory will he (A Bear shifter) accept a human as a mate?"

King of the Vlads in
Forever By Amanda Kimberly

"Raine and Skye hope their bond of love is just as strong in their next reincarnation where they hope to defeat Alec."

Minded....A Haunted Paranormal Story By R.L. Merrill
"Maggie Stone must help those she left behind find their harmony once again, but getting through to her angry-at-the-world, angel-faced escort with a big attitude proves to be a much tougher challenge."

His Mate For Christmas By Darlene Kuncytes  
"Will he find the courage to claim his mate? A Desire for a love that is never ending!"

"Tis the season....and what billionaire playboy vampire Jack Silver wants for Christmas won't fit into a stocking!"

The Alpha's Needs By Solease M. Barner 
Her desires with his appetite will be more than just a
single night".

Charley's Christmas Wolf By C.D. Gorri
"She doesn't want to be alone, he needs a mate by Christmas Eve."

The Wolf of Christmas Future By Danielle James
"Kian is a player to the end...but when he wakes up 700
years in the future in the home of a beautiful woman everything changes."

Gateway: The Meeting By Dariel Raye
An ancient being, the last of his kind, a fiery woman sought by evil...and the story begins.

Her Big Bad Polar Bear By KD Jones
"Can a city girl unfreeze the heart of this bear of a man?

The Last Christmas By Monica Corwin
"Even packed snow can't deafen the sound of a soul cracking."

All I Want for Christmas By Monica Corwin
"Even ghosts need love too."

The Hunted By Addison Kline
"What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted?"

Fated by Fire tag line By Kelly Cozzone
"Fires of passion burn from within"

A Protector's Second Chance By Diana Marie Dubois
"Can the roar of true love stand the test of time?"

The Feeding By James WF Roberts
"An obsession that lasts an eternity, an addiction that can never be quenched. A Love that knows no bounds"

Wildest Dream By Heather Kirchhoff
"Elizabeth knows that getting close to anyone could be dangerous, but can she resist the strong urge to allow the stranger in?"

His Client, His Mate By Samantha Laverell
"A Mate so sweet and innocent he cannot resist her.

A Stag's Claim By Georgiana Pallett
"To resist his Mate would leave a hole in his heart and a thorn in his side for forever more."

The Widow Mate By Stephanie Maycott
To Mate means leaving all he knows behind, his entire world behind him.

An Incubus' Mate By Daniella Whitehorse
"She finds love in the last place she thought to look and with an Incubus at that."

Esme's Grand Design By Tasha T.
"Can the love that is growing for each other survive the dangerous battles they must win against the evil that has come to their world?"

Ginger Marie