You've Never Seen a Sneak Peek Like This: "Flash Finds"

Not your usual sneak peek...

Take a look at this innovative way to find new authors and new books! "Flash Finds" is an anthology of 12 short romances, actually excerpts from longer works by 12 corresponding authors. We call them "flashpoints" because they're momentous points in our stories that propel our characters forward. The flashpoints offer answers to one over-arching mystery."Finder of Lost Love" is the first collective mystery.

"Finder of Lost Love" is not only a collection of 12 excerpts, but there's a mystery game included. You, the reader, get to be the mystery solver. Not only do you have some entertaining short reads, but you also have a game to play and a puzzle to solve. 

Before you take a look at the sneak peek, please help support our Thunderclap and share by clicking here. It's FREE, and requires nothing more than your approval. You don't even have to remember or write down anything! Be sure to return here and check out the sneak peek: 

Next, here's a Sneak Peak to give you a more official intro to the project:  We're also seeking beta-readers, so if you enjoy a good read, an interesting puzzle, mystery, or game, let me know :-)

3) Finally, for the visually inspired, here's the video: 


Kayelle Allen said…
Very pleased to be part of the revolution. :)