Zaidi Features: "Sea Witch" (Children of the Waves series) by LaVerne Thompson w/Excerpt and Trailer


What the hell do you mean I can't claim you? 

Aaron is a Child of the Waves and he's searched for his bride for over a hundred years. Always seeking never finding. Then when he finally does, he’s got a choice: claim her and risk the destruction of his people, or let her go and risk the destruction of his soul.

Sienna has always known who her mate was, in fact, she took great pains to never cross his path. Until one day, she could avoid him no longer. As the witch of the sea, she had to warn him of the horror their world would face if she were to become his bride.

They each had a duty to perform, even at the sacrifice of the other. Sienna must pass through the dark depths to enter the very gates of Hades and Aaron must let her go.

***WARNING*** This is the 3rd book in the Children of the Sea Series. They must be read in order. The ending will have you going WHAT!!! There is a book 4 Coming Soon.

Meet Aaron
Sea Witch Children of the Waves the 3rd book in the series
By LaVerne Thompson

Do you have any fucking idea what it’s like to know who your bride is, to know who the woman is you are meant to spend the rest of your life with, yet be unable to claim her? Talk to her? Be around her? To actively go out of your way to make sure you stay as far away from her as possible, when she is near by?

If so, then you know my pain. My name is Aaron, I was birthed deep beneath the sea, my people are called the Children of the Waves. Humans have named us mermen or mermaids. Complete with tails, fins and gills. Someone’s fucking idea of a joke that stuck. I am no fucking fish.

I walk on land with two legs and swim damn fast with them too. I am the lead guard to our king. I go everywhere with him as his right hand and best friend. But I’ve carried Sienna, my bride, in my heart for many years. And as much as I love her, yearn for her. I also have a sworn duty to help my king and our people. So much is at stake for us. We fight for survival amongst ourselves, we sit on the brink of a war. Sienna is our sea witch. She holds the heart of the people. Her visions lead us in the directions we much go to ensure the future of our kind. Even if those visions mean I cannot claim her. Yet.

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            “What do you mean I can’t claim you?”
            They sat side by side upon the rocks, with their knees drawn up toward their chests, bodies tense, but not touching. Anyone on the beach observing them would only see what appeared to be two thirteen or fifteen year olds, a boy and a girl who seemed a little shy around each other. Nothing could be further from the truth.
For one thing, while they were male and female, regardless of how old they seemed, the male was some two hundred years old, and the girl, a bit more. A hundred more in fact. She’d known when her mate had been born, she was a viewer, someone who viewed events not yet come to pass. A witch amongst their people, the Children of the Waves. It’s also why she stayed out of the path of this particular male from the day of his birth.
            The time, however, was nearing when her people would need her more, and she had to warn him, try to make him understand so he wouldn’t hate her. The simple truth, she couldn’t stay away from him. The lure became too great, even for one as powerful as she. The sea witch could not evade the mating bonds. Just this one time.
So, when she’d woken up that morning and swam to this shore, she knew he would come to her. As a precaution and to ensure her resolve, she drew him from the depths and went to a beach where she knew humans would be present, not that there were many out and about this early in the morning. The sun just barely kissed the water’s lips.
The sea witch needed a place where he couldn’t get very angry or try to take her by force, or where they could be observed by their own kind. She didn’t want to hurt him if he tried to do that. Safe neutral ground, only a few landwalkers were running and walking their dogs along the shore. Farther up the beach, the resort staff were setting up their umbrellas. He would do nothing to her in front of so many witnesses.
            She’d chosen a spot on the outcrops of rock, not easy to reach, and sat upon the sunny surface. Just as she imagined, the mermaids in human lore were said to have done, but unlike those legends, she had no tail. She did, however, have long burnt orange tresses for hair, hanging in thick locks to her waist. Given she was on land and anyone might see them, she used her powers to change her hair to a reddish brown. At least she, unlike others of their kind, didn’t have to change the color of her skin to blend in with the landwalkers. Like the colors of anything living in the oceans, her people came in many shades and hues. Her skin reflected the color of a coconut husk. She could easily pass for a girl from one of the Caribbean islands wearing body oil that made her skin glimmer slightly in the sun. Even the lilt in her voice suggested a hint of the islands from the depths that spawned her.
            Sienna didn’t have long to wait.
The swimmer approached several yards from where she sat. He angled, so he headed straight for her. He had to get out of the water a dozen yards from where she sat and walk over to her.
She knew him on sight, yet she’d never directly laid eyes on him. Never allowed herself to get this close, too much temptation. Yet, she could stay away no longer. Openly staring at him, she couldn’t help but appreciate his built.
Tall and lanky, the definition of the muscle he would grow into already there. He wore his blond hair, like many of their males, long enough to brush against his ass. Wet droplets on it gleamed golden in the sunlight.
Her female heart rejoiced such a male belonged to her, yet also filled with such sorrow for what she was about to do. Ask him to do. However, like her, he had a sworn duty to their people as their future king’s guard and best friend.
“I’ve come for you.”
            “Tabatha is with child,” she’d said, without preamble. She watched as the light of awe and excitement dimmed from his sea green gaze. Her words were shocking enough she knew to stop him in his tracks.
“By Poseidon’s balls, how?”
            She grinned even though this was not funny. Introductions between them were unnecessary. He already knew who she was, ever since she’d reached out to him. All of their people were telepathic underwater; it was how they communicated with each other. However, mates had a special bond. She simply opened up the bond they shared. One, until that moment, he had not been aware even existed, but she did. Once used, she would have to close it back off. It could not be helped. Even the import of her words he couldn’t deny. “The usual way, I expect.”
            He shook his head, then sat down beside her. “That’s not what I meant. But how? I thought her mate was dead.”
            “Perhaps. I believe she used her powers to do this. As far as who the father is, I’m not sure. I suspect, he’s part human, but one with witch blood. However, what I do know is her daughter will be a powerful witch. More powerful than her mother. And after the child is born, Tabatha will kill her to take her powers unto herself in order to claim Poseidon’s throne and control the Trident.”
            “What madness is this? Her own child.”
“But conceived for one purpose.”
He frowned. “She can’t be that powerful. No one is more powerful than Poseidon himself, except perhaps one of the old gods, and they are long gone as is Poseidon. And as heir, Xavior commands the Trident, the embodiment of his remaining powers.”
            “Yes, all true, perhaps. But the child’s powers combined with my sister’s will be sufficient to command the Trident. It will be enough for her to sit the King’s Chair and force its acceptance.” Even though they didn’t touch, she felt the tenseness of his body at her words.
“I have to warn Xavior.”
            “Xavior isn’t powerful enough to stop her yet, he has not matured into all of his powers. He has not found his bride and is not yet king, nor would he harm an innocent life. But there is another way, and it’s why I cannot allow you to claim me. It is also why you must swear to me, you will not tell anyone who your bride is, nor can they know you have found her.”
            He frowned. “Then why come to me now? Why call me to you? Once I begin to age, everyone will know I’ve found my mate, same for you.”
            “I must continue to make it seem as though I have not found my mate yet. I can and will go into seclusion. Most people have never seen me anyway. Those in need, always come to me and will continue to do so. I will only be seen in my home, and I can ensure those who do, only see me as I appear now. You will be the only one able to see me as I am. Because if Tabatha knows I have begun to age, she will also know my powers could develop to be strong enough to counter hers. She can’t afford for such a thing to happen. And they will grow as I age, but not yet.”
            “You forget. I will also begin to age. Everyone will wonder why I don’t claim my bride.”
            She wore a whole shell, less than an inch wide and long, tied with black woven seaweed around her neck. It looked much like leather, but Aaron would know it wasn’t. Removing it, she placed it over his neck. “Wear this until you are sure Xavior begins to age. At that time remove it, so you will appear to age at a rate he does. It is bespelled and tied to me, it will prevent you from appearing to age.”
            He touched the shell hanging around his neck, then shook his head. “I still don’t understand.” Hurt laced his words.
            The pain in his voice hurt her heart. She glanced away from him and out to sea, her gaze resting on the porpoises playing on the surface. Sadly, even their antics couldn’t ease her sorrow or his. “I will lose my power of viewing, foresight, if I am no longer virgin and I must help Xavior find his mate, so he can become king and secure the throne. Our people need their king on a safe throne.”
            “Witch, what you ask is very hard.” He inhaled deeply.
            “Sienna, my true name is Sienna.” Very few living knew her true name, but she needed her mate to know it.
            He smiled. “Sienna.”
            She took his hand, allowing herself to touch him. The contact between them so electric, her powers hummed like a current through her veins. Yes, she was his bride, he her mate. Finally, she turned to look through tear-filled eyes upon the face of her dreams. “Do this for me. Your bride asks it of you.”
            He seemed to be searching her face, the anguish clear upon his own. “How long?”
            “Once the child comes of age. Do not worry, mate mine, she will find her mate shortly after being born. There are things I have seen that will all happen then. I must be able to ‘view’ to help, to ensure the future unfolds as it must.”
            He hung his head. One hand still entwined in hers, the other hand remained clasped to his knee. Then he squeezed her fingers and lifted his head to gaze at her. “I will wait for you. As long as it takes. I so swear to my bride. What do you need me to do?”
She told him.
            One of the hardest things she’d ever done was to leave him alone on the rocks. Other than the brief touch of hands, she didn’t dare touch him more, nor did he try to kiss her, as she’d wanted him to. As though both of them knew if it were to happen, they wouldn’t be able to part.
The sea witch walked out into the water and did not look back. Tears left tracks upon her youthful features as she dove into the ocean, uncaring of the rocks. With each stroke away from him, her tears fell faster to be absorbed by the sea.
There were still more difficult things to come. Tabatha would have her child, she would be the midwife, and she would have to convince her sister the babe was stillborn. Even if she needed to kill it herself. This babe could very well be the destruction of the Children of the Waves. Sienna would do whatever she must to prevent such a thing from happening to her people. Something she didn’t tell her mate. As she dove deeper into the water of life, it calmed her. The call of the waves like a promise from the sea. They would be together again.

LaVerne Thompson is an award winning, best-selling, multi-published author, an avid reader and a writer of contemporary, fantasy, and sci/fi sensual romances. She also writes romantic suspense and new adult romance under the pen name Ursula Sinclair.
She is currently working on several projects. Both of her daughters are now away at college. However, she and her husband don’t like the term empty nester. She’s added a cat to the household to keep the dog of the house company. Hopefully, writing will keep her sane. Visit her website at to read excerpts of her books or Facebook to contact her, or and on Twitter at  


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