Flash Friday: "Beleaguered"

The story in my head was just too big to squeeze into 100 words this time, but as usual, my friends and I are writing 100-word flashes. Take a look at theirs, too. Enjoy!

I stepped off the bus. She smiled, leaning back, fingers tugging at the hem of her mini.

“Hey, beautiful. I’m Cam.”

“Call me Ren.” That sweet, southern drawl sucked out my brain and slid around my cock so I couldn’t run from the dark glint in her eyes.

Ren reached for my hand. “Come on. Been waitin’ for ya.”

Stupid with lust, I grinned and followed. Best sex of my life.

I turned to leave the next morning and Ren touched my arm, pointing to an old black and white. “Who’s that? I asked.

“Last lover who tried to leave me. I let him keep his cigarette, but he went the way of that rooster standing by him.”

Me and Ren been married ever since. 


Muffy Wilson said…
Oh, Dariel....that was fantastic and so funny!! How very clever you are! xo
Naomi Shaw said…
Excellent flash. You read the pic so well