Friday Flash: "Mine"

We're back again with another fabulous inspirational pic and our special variety of 100-word flashes. This week's is especially dear to me as I  love animals. They are very spiritual creatures, and I wonder at times if they walk on two legs while we sleep ;-) Check out my friends' versions, here. Enjoy!

They came for her again tonight, vying to touch her soft skin, force her to submit, rendering her unconscious. I have watched over her since creation, her conception human…this time, fragile.

Worlds have come and gone, our souls entwined, two as one, corporeal forms of no consequence.

Her attackers’ eyes reflected fear, disbelief, their meager minds unable to fathom one such as myself. I ripped open their bodies bare-handed, leaving them unrecognizable, an impressionistic wall mosaic.

Lifting my love with hands she recognizes by touch, I brought her here, shifting to comfort her. Ever her beloved companion.

She sleeps. Mine.