Short Story Sneak Peek: "Coffee Shop Romance"

Wishing everyone a restful Memorial Day weekend. My father, a retired veteran, passed on 2007. I celebrate his life, the legacy he left behind, and most of all for being an example of how a man treats a woman when he truly loves her.

I'm working on two manuscripts right now, and when I come to an empasse or just need a break from whatever I'm working on, I write something else! Here's a sneak peek of a short story I'll work on as time permits. This one was inspired by a Friday Flash. Hope you enjoy it, and please share your comments.

Coffee Shop Romance
(see “Obsessed” in Friday Flashes)
Sheena pressed her palms against the tree bark, her fingertips gliding over the comforting texture again and again. Her heart pounded in her ears. Am I being foolish? Yes, and worse, I’m behaving like a stalker.

She removed her palms from the bark with effort, fighting the compulsion prompting her to continue rubbing the tree indefinitely while counting in multiples of seven.

Turning back, she trotted across the street to Satori, her favorite coffee shop. She could always watch for him from there without the danger of being discovered. She wondered if he still thought of her at all. He seemed interested that night, but again, daylight has a way of exposing dreams...