Flash Friday: "Should I Stay?"

Another fabulous Friday! We're flashing in 100 words, all using the same inspirational pic but telling stories of our own. Check out my friends' flashes here. Enjoy, and we love encouraging comments :-)

Should I Stay?
Startled from a weekend dream, I sit straight up, springing into reality from a mesmerizing fantasy.

The haze clears slowly, memories wrapping around one another, days tumbling into days, words garbled, nonsensical, and moments a haphazard mosaic, but it’s still there – the truth.

Something happened that night. I smiled, weaving my charms, but he held me in the palm of his rugged hands all along, knew things about me no one could know.

Irish, I thought, but as I sit here days later in his castle, covered in silk bedding, my sensitive skin tingling from his touch, the whirlwind finally slows, yielding for me to decide. He’s Scottish, by the way.

I know what I must do, but...should I stay?