Flash Friday: "For Her"

Thanks for joining us! As we do every Friday, we're flashing today. Only 100 words to tell our stories using this pic as inspiration. Take a look at my friends' flashes for an added treat when you finish here :-) Enjoy!

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For Her

Petra woke early the next morning, praying their night together meant more to him than a tryst, but he was gone.

She stood, tender in every intimate place he’d touched, including her heart, and padded to the vanity, plump cheeks and boring gray eyes staring back at her as always.

Sighing, she slid her robe on and opened the French doors to the back patio.

Live blooms filled her private lake and the jolt in her lower belly answered.

He’d filled the lake and her barren womb with blossoms just for her.

Who would have thought homely Petra could warrant the love-child of a God?