Author Takeover Fun

Hi, Everybody! This one is short and sweet. Just want you to know about some author takeovers I'll be involved in over the next few days because I'd love to see you there. 

Starting this evening, 4/26/15, I'll be one of the authors at Vicki Rose's "Spring Into Paranormal Romance" event from 4 - 5PM EST. For my friends in the UK, that's 8 - 9PM GMT, and yeah, I know I probably won't see any of my Australian friends since that's around 6 - 7AM 4/27/15 Aussie Time. 

Then, on 4/30/15, I'm one of the authors at the Aussie hosted takeover event. It's a 7-day event that's already started, so join now if you're up for winning some prizes, chatting, and playing fun games! I'll be there and my takeover time is 7 -8PM EST. UK time is 11PM - Midnight GMT, and Aussie Time is 9 - 10AM  5/1/15. 

Pre-event games and contests have already started for the "Zaidi Features Author Takeover Celebration," and I'll be back in a few days to remind you about that.