Flash Friday: "Heartbreak"

Happy Friday! Another breathtaking pic and more 100-word flash tales :-) Take a look at my friends' versions when you're finished here. Enjoy, and let us know what you think in comments. We love to hear from you.

He’s with her again.

From the shadows, my body bows in pain, heart-rending.

Air…no air.

I collapse against the unforgiving surface, cold and hard against my naked back.

I wore this dress for him – sleeveless, exposed, like my heart.

I embrace the change, the chemical reaction seething, rising to the surface as she leans into him, and he smiles  – traitor, liar – his undoing.

He has no idea who or what I am – what he has unleashed, believing a mere piece of paper will protect him.

My familiars surround me, bursting from my broken heart to fill the air.

He pushes her aside and stares, open-mouthed.

Too late.

We will destroy him.