Flash Friday: "An Unexpected Season"

Happy Friday!! As usual, my friends and I are flashing this Friday. Today, our inspirational pic is quite lovely. We each write 100 words, no more or less, on the same pic, so once you're finished here, take a look at the visions of my talented friends...

An Unexpected Season

She squinted her honey-brown eyes, concern and purpose warring for purchase. Wrong.

“Who woke me?”

No answer. No birds singing or butterflies landing on her skin to delight her.

She exited her hidden castle and flew to the nearest lake – ice - the limbs of her beloved trees bare, their leaves covered in cold white crystals.

Her voice echoing against the dead of winter, she called out again.

“What madness is this?”

She gasped, his presence unexpected.

“Ah, ‘twas you who woke me.”

Artemis shed a single tear as he embraced her, the dead of winter giving way to spring.

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Naomi Shaw said…
Wand such an excellent interpretationonderful flasher. Love it,
Mmmm so beautiful and sweet, even in the change of winter to spring. Sounds like he will be leaving his love Spring and his heart aches to lose her yet again. It is as if the moon is in love with the sun yet they chase each other and never able to meet and find each other. Except for the days of eclipses. Awesome flash!!