New Site for Authors: Introducing Zaidi Features

As we all tend to do, I'm revamping a few things this year. About a week ago, I created a new website. It's still a work in progress, but I have high hopes for the new functionality. Part of the remodeling includes a new feature shared between my blog and website, DPRS, called Zaidi Features.

Zaidi is Swahili for "more." Features will include writing-related articles from writers and experts who specialize in certain areas including romance sub-genres, cover design, and other interesting topics, and featured books, of course. The features will appear as regular blog posts, and my plan is to archive them using the Zaidi Features page here and at my new website.

If you've got some special insight to share about writing in your particular genre, providing some service to authors, or if you have expertise in an area romance writers tend to need help with, you're invited as a featured guest. Also, if you have a book or series that could use a boost, I'll be happy to host you. Just complete the form below to request a date and we'll go from there.