10 Tips and Tools for a Successful Book Launch

10 Tips and Tools For a Successful Book Launch

1.   Start at least six weeks before your target release date (2 months is even better) and list your book for “pre-order” at Amazon.

2.   Create a banner or “working” cover to use for blog posts in lieu of your final cover (save the final cover for cover reveals)

3.   Write a blog post telling everyone about your upcoming release. Include sub-genre and blurb (synopsis).

4.   Ask a few friends to post about your new release. Send them banner or “working” cover, blurb, and your contact links. Be sure to link back to their blog in some way, and offer to reciprocate.

5.   Share your blog post and those of your friends on all of your social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc.)

6.   Complete review forms and send ARC’s (advance reading copies) to review sites and individuals.

7.   Use Google forms to create sign-up for DIY (do-it-yourself) launch tour OR use an established book tour service like MasqCrew, Bewitching Book Tours, etc. Offer hosts a choice of cover reveal, interview, feature with excerpt (offer choice between 3 excerpts of various lengths). If you go the DIY route, don’t forget to add a calendar to the sidebar of your blog with dates and links for each tour host so interested readers can follow the entire tour and your hosts don’t feel left out in the cold. I also like to create a post about each stop along my tour.

8.   At least 2 weeks before release date (according to your word count, you might need to do this earlier), offer ARC’s to your fan club members and list (e-mail, newsletter) subscribers. Be sure to request that they post reviews to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and Shelfari, and send a copy or link to your email.

9.   Create swag for your book using cover artwork (T-shirts, cover flats, keychains, etc.). Try VistaPrints or CafePress.

10.              Create a Facebook party. Although these don’t generally get the turn-out they used to, they can still help get the word out about your book. I’d suggest a 2-hr. party with a few games, questions, and prizes, of course (GC’s, swag, and backlist books work great).


Muffy Wilson said…
Great tips, Dariel. May I borrow to put on my blog, too??
Muffy Wilson said…
Just signed up for your Indie newsletter! It is wonderful to have such smart and sassy friends to look up to. xo