Flasher Friday: "Confessions"

Can you believe this is the last Friday before Christmas? Well, it's time for a 100 word flash, and this week we're using the rather controversial pic below. Notice our nun is wearing leather, so already something's not quite right about that. Take a peek at my friends' flashes, too, and remember, we LOVE comments :-)

“You made it! Have a seat and we’ll get started.”

I hadn’t expected the chills running up and down my spine, but this empty place echoing around me was downright creepy, like someone was watching.

I glanced at her, still shy, and she smiled, long legs in the air, ankles twirling, torn stockings just like we left her. 

My fantasy incarnate, only darker, like she could read my mind and eat me alive.

“Uh, thanks for doing this for me.”

I blinked and her perfect hips filled my lap, chills morphing into adrenaline as I unzipped my jeans and shoved up her skirt to relieve my bulging cock.

“Where’d you get the uniform and rosary?” I asked.

“Mine now. Another life.”


Muffy Wilson said…
Oh, Dariel, was a sexy, saucy little tidbit!! The props are real...and so are the desires. Yes, we all need a little departure from everyday. Obviously they share the same fantasy. This was a really great take on the photo. It was as much from her perspective (as a twist unexpectedly) as his. I loved it. Great falsher. xo
d said…
Eeek! Pretty darn good there!
Anonymous said…
Such a sexy flash :-)
Dariel Raye said…
Thanks for your encouraging comments, Muffy, Debra, and Doris! Such a provocative, controversial pic offered many story paths :-)
Naomi Shaw said…
Oh naughty naughty nun with her fantasy incarnate. Great flasher
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, definitely a hot flash there!
Finally Blogger is behaving! This was hot! Had me definitely hooked. Love this flash!
Dariel Raye said…
Hi, Ray and Aurora! Thanks for the supportive comments. I've been having problems with Blogger, Twitter AND master Google lately - moving really slow and at times Twitter's just been bonkers and wouldn't let me RT. Strange. Hope it's better now.
Well that just made me really curious. I need more! Awesome little tease
Dariel Raye said…
Glad it intrigued you, Phoenix! Let's just say she's even more naughty than he realizes ;-)