Flasher Friday: "Anniversary"

Another Friday has come, but I couldn't pass this one up. As always, 100 words for my take on this awesome pic. Check out my friends' posts, too. Most of them were on time ;-)

“One night together, Baby. Just you and me.” 

That’s what she said when I asked what she wanted for our anniversary.

“One hour, and if I smell the least hint of liquor on you, the deal’s off.” Her sweet voice taunting. I’d nearly forgotten about this side of her.

Black dress, blindfold, hands behind her back, I tamp down my revved-up cock as I approach slowly, a smooth chain and cuffs held in my grip. She’s maintained her curves and then some, and more than that, I’ve never loved her more.

“Open the door!” they yell.

Silvie screams, literally. “Dammit! You told me the kids were gone all night, Carl.” 


Muffy Wilson said…
Coitus-interruptus, indeed. Seems Carl needs to tamp some sense into his 'big' head so his 'little' head can have some fun. I loved that line by the way, "tamp down my revved-up cock". Love your images! xo
Dariel Raye said…
Thanks, Muffy. Thought I'd leave my couple frustrated today ;-)
Anonymous said…
Oh no, not the return of the kids!!! That sounds like our house, lol.
Dariel Raye said…
LOL. Yep, somebody didn't plan very well, Doris.
Anonymous said…
Damn, the curse of the kids! LOL! Funny as hell!
Oh my... I loved this. Talk about being caught in the act. lol Great flash and love the playful yet controlling ways. Great flash!
Naomi Shaw said…
Oh no! Just the worse thing! Great flasher
Julian Spong said…
Excellent flash well written and typical occurrence for parents