Feature: "The Boss's Pet - What She Wants Book 5" by Tonya Kinzer

I hope you’re here because you’re curious. The majority of my writing is along the lines of Dom/sub/BDSM so if you’re offended by that, please don’t continue reading. Why some read on if they’re offended, I don’t understand, because they are the readers who leave a one star rating on my work with nasty comments when my books are clearly marked as BDSM at the online stores.

For those of you who kept reading, I’m glad you decided to find out more. I love kinky and love readers who love kinky. I like to push the envelope with my books. My Boss’s Pet series is more for those who are just getting into a Dom/sub relationship or thinking about it. I carefully take the reader through the scenes, introduce new scene play and what goes on in the mind of those involved. BDSM is as much a mind thing as it is a physical thing. I won’t go into all that here but I do in the books. The first book in the series is FREE and titled The Contract.

Now, on to more fun in book FIVE, Under Her Command. I love the cover and yes, I do my own cover art. John Quinlan (the most tattooed romance cover model) and Jimmy Thomas provide us with such a variety of shots to use that I can have all kinds of fun. In books three through five, I’ve include f/f scenes because I know the guys love reading about two women loving each other. It’s also a beautiful thing that I find I enjoy writing about as well.

In book five, Sondra learns that she enjoys wielding the whip…or crop…and keeping her slaves on their toes. She also likes to make the aware of other ways their body processes pleasure and pain, whether they’re male or female. Have you ever been pursued by a member of the same sex? Sondra knows that before the book ends, she will experience another episode of that exact interest but isn’t ready to find out how she actually feels about it all once the scene is complete. So much happens in this story but please click over to my website to find out more. One doesn’t have to read the books in order to enjoy them and I also introduce a few characters from my other books. My blog has posts about the series so do check them out as there are links to places in the books.

Who wants to read an excerpt? Click this XXX-Excerpt link to check out part of the story, then grab your copies at your favorite online store. Thank you all for stopping in to learn about my newest release. I also have an erotic western series for those who love cowboys! Be sure to get in on the contest below to be in the drawing for an additional $10 gift card besides the one I’ve donated for the grand prize drawings that Shandra is doing.
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Tonya Kinzer said…
Dariel, thank you for letting me hang out with your readers. My fault the wrong cover is posted. I do apologize to all of you. The story is a toe-curler though. I hope you give it a try. Now...who wants to learn more about the Dom/sub lifestyle? You set the rules and it doesn't have to be 24/7.

I'd like to give away the gift card!