Seamless Takeover

Check out how the following amazing group of writers get inspired by this picture. Each has 100 words, no more, no less, to come up with their version which they do so well. Please click here and show them some love by reading. As always comments are much appreciated.

Seamless Takeover

“Evening, Mama.” Tina smiled.

“Evening, my pet.”

No one else saw Mama step out the back door and into the colorful lights, inspecting her masterpiece. Once merely a dark alley in the underbelly of New Orleans, Mama had turned “Dollhouse Lane” into a thriving empire.

Her spirit inhabited every room, every corner as she had for 150 years, ignoring the angel of death’s call to rest.

Mama glided back into the club and approached Tina, her entry seamless.

Mama slid from the pole, her lithe, young body swaying and twisting, lost in the music.

She needed a vessel, and Tina fit perfectly.


Naomi said…
Great flasher. I love your take on the pic
Angelica Dawson said…
Ooh, I like the supernatural edge. Very good flash!
This could be the beginning of a great story as they say...:)
Muffy Wilson said…
Wonderful flash, Dariel. I loved the supernatural edge to it as well. This would be a good place to start a new story. Loved it! xo
Dariel Raye said…
Thanks for the great feedback! Olga and Muffy, I just might take you up on that. It would be fun to write more about Mama AND Tina :-)
Julez S Morbius said…
Excellent flash with such possiblities
Dariel Raye said…
Thanks, Naomi and Cora. This was a fun flash :-)
Dariel Raye said…
Angelica, I noticed yours had strong paranormal possibilities, too :-) Thanks, Julez! Could be another story coming up. I'll add it to my WIP list. Now, to get some of my current WIP's finished and pubbed ;-)
Anonymous said…
Ohhh, that's a clever take on this. I'm a bit afraid of this Mama, I have to say ;-)
Def caught my attention. This has to go further, I want to know more of this person, Mama and that she's 150+. Wow great take on the picture, and awesome flash!
Dariel Raye said…
As you SHOULD be, Doris. LOL Thanks, Rolling Muse! Needless to say, she'd kept her body in exceptional condition ;-)