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Welcome! Just want to say thanks to my friend and author Doris O'Connor. This is my first Tantalizing Tuesday entry. As always, let me know what you think in comments :-) Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win prizes! Be sure to include your email address in your comment.

Celia's Claiming
Celia’s Claiming

Celia stretched, entwined her fingers in the wild vines above her head and gazed at the swamp. Each minute movement released sinuous energy, returning her body to its former supple grace. She slid her hands along her curves, relishing the feel of her own skin, renewed life. The moment his gaze landed on her, his life force zinged straight to her core.
She turned and glided toward him, darkness disguising her features just long enough. Every nuance, color, and movement vibrated in stark contrast.
“Better?” She spoke softly, moved slowly, fighting primal instincts, her heart lunging against her chest to get on with it.
He leveraged his back against the stone wall and stood, gray eyes slits, the light inside him a beacon. 
Her stomach clenched, the need to touch his dark hair unfamiliar.
He towered over her, regaining his strength quickly, as she knew he would.
She took an audible breath, closed her eyes, and pressed her soft curves against him, her body starving for more – long overdue.
“Who? What… are you?” His deep voice accused, eviscerating illusions of rightness, the swamp's call shredding her heart.
She heard her own voice echo through him, her long lashes brushing his chest as she glanced up.
“I wish” She stopped, nearly doubling over in pain, then blinked, moisture dimming her vision.
”Your decision, Sir?”

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Molly Synthia said…
Oh Raven! Now I just MUST read more, so I hope you're planning on making this a full work! Just great. I expected the final aggression to be directed in the opposite direction. Fabulous. You led me down one path but I ended up on another.
Anonymous said…
Dariel, this is fab. I need to read more!!
Leann Mitchell said…
Mysterious and beautiful! I really hope you expand on this as it is quite alluring! :)
Naomi Shaw said…
You're visuals were perfect. Wonderfully written teaser, I really want to learn more about these two
Muffy Wilson said…
The tension in this teaser was palpable, the descriptions artfully crafted into a wonderful cliffhanger. You landed me: hook, line and sinker <3 xo
Unknown said…
This was mystical and beautiful, so much, I didn't want to stop reading. Who is she? Does he have enough power to fulfill her desires as her Master? Great first Tease!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful stuff, Dariel - sexy, evocative and fuelled by a powerful imagination and one damn fine grasp of the language. You're a welcome addition to Tantalizing Tuesdays. I hope you come back next week!