"Untameable Heat" 24-Hour Treasure Hunt: Kaden's Reprieve

Hi, Everybody, and thanks for coming over. Facebook has some pretty sticky rules these days so we're trying not to break any of them (again) :-) If you've been in FB jail, you know what I mean. LOL. I like having you come visit me here anyway, so here are the treasure hunt specifics...
Oh, and if you haven't joined the "Untameable Heat" party and launch tour yet, here's the link so you can play with us :-)

Time for a 24-hour Treasure Hunt! This is how it works: Post answers to 4 questions (2 from my Amazon author page, 1 from my blog, 1 from PRG), then use your imagination to complete a sentence about the cover (I'll post a link in this thread too, and even offer a creativity prompt to get your imagination going). Here are the questions:
You can find answers to #1 & #2 at this link: Amazon author page
#1. Name 2 jobs I've had

#2. What are the heroines' names in 3 of my books?

#3. In the May 23rd post on my blog, what did the reviewer (Carole, from The Romance Reviews) say was almost as much fun to read about as the romantic relationships? You can find the answer to question #3 on this blog in my 5/23/2013 post.

#4. In "Dark Sentinels Book Two: Torin," who comes to help Torin when his wolves go missing? You can find the answer to #4 in this PRG review -

And for the use your imagination part of the hunt, finish this sentence: "The chain around Kaden's neck ___________________" One use your imagination sentence completion per person. The awesome individual with the correct answers AND the best use your imagination answer wins a $5 GC to Amazon or B&N, and their choice of a copy of "Dark Sentinels" book one or two. There's no right or wrong answer to the use your imagination part of this, but here's something that might prompt your imagination  + you can see the cover above.

Post your answers in comments with your email address and Katy and I will pick a winner Friday around 4PM EST. We'll announce it here, too! Happy hunting :-) Congrats to Kandi Steger and Kelly Erickson!!


Unknown said…
1. A band/choral director, school/career counselor. 2. Akila Marshall, Stephanie Bates, Jordan Taylor. 3. The brother/sister relationships. 4. Sable. And Imagination--- The chain around Kaden's neck hung heavy as it melded into his skin, causing tears to fill my eyes. Just looking at it broke my heart in two.
Unknown said…
1 - Band/Choral Director
- Mental health/substance abuse counsellor

2 - Vashti
- Akila
- Stephanie

3 - Brother/sister relationships

4 - Sable

The chain around Kaden's neck seemed as much a part of him as his strong, muscular arms and I wanted to grab it and hold on, and have his arms grab me and hold on for what I knew would be the ride of my life.

Dariel Raye said…
I'm loving these use your imagination answers :-)Writers are awesome!!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Kandi and Kelly.

Dariel Sorry I've been awol lately.
Dariel Raye said…
It's cool, Kitty B. I know when you're away you've got a really good reason :-)