Dariel's Lists: 51 Editors - Can You Help Me Make it 75?

Just a couple of weeks ago, I posted about editors. Well, here's another one. I guess you can tell I'm in the editing stage of some of my stories, so this is just me passing along some great resources and pushing my agenda at once. What is my agenda, you ask? As a reader and author, I value editors and believe nearly everyone needs one. As a reader, it's important to me because a well-edited story is one step closer to a joyful read.

As an author, there are two sides to my agenda: first, as authors, we're too close to our stories to see everything through an objective reader's eyes. We know exactly what we want to say and what we meant to portray, but that's not always how things come across to others. A good editor can find and point out areas to help improve the story and the writing overall.

Another, unexpected benefit of hiring and developing a good professional relationship with an editor is related to reviews. Reviews are an important part of writing, and I value them immensely. I review as many books as possible, and I've worked as an editor. When you run across the occasional reviewer/critic who claims your book is riddled with typos and poor grammar, it's nice to know that not only have you self-edited with a fine tooth comb, but  this same book has been edited by a highly recommended professional. In other words, an editor can save you lots of heartache and headaches by calming residual insecurities and giving you assurance that you've done everything in your power to release something others strive toward.

So, I've rounded up the names and contact info on a few editors worth taking a look at. If you haven't read it yet, check out my previous post from 4/27/2013 with a few tips about finding the appropriate editor for you. Now, back to my task here. There are 46 editors listed below. If you know a few good ones who aren't on the list, or if you happen to be a good editor yourself and don't see your name, please leave name and contact info below so I can add you to my list. This list will eventually reside on my resources page for easy access.


vickiejohnstone said…
Hi, I'm an editor. Full details, along with my CV and some customer reviews, can be found on my blog - http://vickiejohnstone.blogspot.co.uk/p/editing-service-cv.html.
Thanks, Vickie Johnstone
Dariel Raye said…
Hi, Vickie. Thanks for the info. Checking out your page now :-)
Yolanda said…
HI: I'm an editor. My name is Yolanda Barber and details of my services can be found on my website
www.thewritetimewriteplace.com. In addition I blog writing tips Monday thru Friday, http://thewritetimewriteplace.wordpress.com/ .

I designed my edit system with two goals in mind - polishing and growth. Potential clients are entitled to a One Thousand Word Free First Look.

Thanks, Yolanda Barber
Dariel Raye said…
Hi, Yolanda. Thanks for introducing yourself! I'll hop over and take a look at your site :-)
momofemmett said…
Hello! I've been editing 13 months now, with over 60 books done so far. I'd love to be on your list! I charge $100 per book 40K words and up. Website: http://jancarolromancenovels.weebly.com/html
Dariel Raye said…
Hi, Jan. Thanks for visiting! I'll take a look at your site :-)
Gloria said…
Hi I'm an editor. For information see http://gloriaoren.com/home/PineTree-Editing.php Thanks for adding me to your list.

Gloria Oren
Fiona said…
Another editor here.
www.fionayoungbrown.com or find me on Twitter @fionayoungbrown.
Rahey said…
Hello, one of my authors told me about your blog. I'm Rahab, an editor and would love to be added on your list. My website is: http://www.iloveliveread.com/

Thank you so much!