Dariel's 2013 Blogging Goals

My blogging goals for 2012 were rather miniscule. Although I posted a few times prior to last year, I didn’t start actively blogging until March, 2012.  I’m a bit of a latecomer, but things went pretty well last year as far as stats thanks to some great friends.

I won’t bother to talk about how many times I posted because this year I’m focusing on quality more than quantity. I would like to streamline the acquisition process with a form - see how that works. One thing that’s still important to me is the number of views, so here’s a brief recap of my top draws from last year:

So, where do we go from here? As you'll see, I've already started ;-)

1.        Update blog appearance – Done!
2.        More Fridays with Friends and Book Talk Wednesdays, starting Feb.          
3.        More guest posts on other blogs ASAP
4.        More excerpts from my WIP’s
5.        More reviews and excerpts on my WordPress site
6.        Add newsletter to blogDone! Click to see gift card competition
7.        Participate in more blog hops
8.        Increase in number of views per week
9.        Add sign-up form for guest posts/interviews to blog - Done!

Hope to see you around to share with me as I work toward my goals :-D