Christmas List Spotlight and Review with Beth Trissel!

Welcome my friend Beth Trissel with two Christmas stories, including a new release and a review! Leave me a comment with your e-mail address for a chance to get your hands on a free Kindle or PDF copy of her new release :-)

Light paranormal romance novella Somewhere the Bells Ring is a hauntingly beautiful love story; the ghost is intriguing, not horror, the mystery compelling, so a perfect read for most anybody. But don't take my word for it.

Five Angels From Fallen Angel Reviews: 
"Somewhere The Bells Ring is a haunting but strangely comforting read, focusing on timeless romance rather than spooky or scary scenes. The author is extremely talented at creating vivid scenes; her intricate descriptions leave the reader with vivid images and a strong sense of time and place. I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for an intriguing, gripping ghost story with a focus on romance rather than terror." Reviewed by: Stephanie E


Caught with pot in her dorm room, Bailey Randolph is exiled to a relative’s ancestral home in Virginia to straighten herself out. Banishment to Maple Hill is dismal, until a ghost appears requesting her help. Bailey is frightened but intrigued. Then her girlhood crush, Eric Burke, arrives and suddenly Maple Hill isn’t so bad.

To Eric, wounded in Vietnam, his military career shattered, this homecoming feels no less like exile. But when he finds Bailey at Maple Hill, her fairy-like beauty gives him reason to hope–until she tells him about the ghost haunting the house. Then he wonders if her one experiment with pot has made her crazy.

As Bailey and Eric draw closer, he agrees to help her find a long-forgotten Christmas gift the ghost wants. But will the magic of Christmas be enough to make Eric believe–in Bailey and the ghost–before the Christmas bells ring?

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New release on Dec. 5th, historical romance novella, A Warrior for Christmas. One interesting feature of the story is that Dimity Scott, is deaf from a bout of scarlet fever and the setting is colonial America. She can’t hear anything except the vibrations of sound and loves music. Another unusual twist, former Shawnee captive, Corwin Whitfield, would rather return to his adopted people and the colonial frontier than inherit a costly estate. Until he meets her. Then he’s in a quandary.


Reclaimed by his wealthy uncle, former Shawnee captive Corwin Whitfield finds life with his adopted people at an end and reluctantly enters the social world of 1764. His one aim is to run back to the colonial frontier at his first opportunity––until he meets Uncle Randolph’s ward, Dimity Scott. 
Resolved to be cherished for herself, not her guardian's purse, Dimity resigns herself to spinsterhood. Then the rugged newcomer arrives, unlike any man she's ever known.  But can she expect love and marriage from Corwin who longs to return to the wild with dangers a deaf woman dares not share?

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Congratulations, Petula! You've won a free e-book :-) Thanks, Beth. Come see me tomorrow for a glimpse at Vanna Smythe's paranormal romance!


Thank you and thank Beth for the chance to win this book. I do like Beth's work I read Somewhere my Lass a while ago and thought it was fantastic. I'm looking forward to her new releases.
Beth Trissel said…
Thanks Petula and Dariel for having me on her blog.
Amy C said…
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Amy C said…
I'm a new fan of Beth's books and look forward to reading more by her!
campbellamyd at gmail dot com
Beth Trissel said…
Thanks so much, Amy. I love new fans.
Dariel Raye said…
Hi, Beth. It's always a pleasure to have you visit. Not only are you a prolific writer, your work is exceptional :-) I wish everyone good luck on winning these wonderful books!
Mary Marvella said…
I'm an old fan of Beth's!
Beth Trissel said…
Thanks everyone! Petula, you won a copy of A Warrior for Christmas. I'll be in touch.