Dariel's Priceless List: How to Say "I Love You" for Christmas

In this materialistic world, nothing is more refreshing than the priceless gift of love. Love always contributes to an individual’s sense of well-being – the sense of belonging. The manifestation of love has many facets.
Years ago, while working as a school counselor, I asked the question “what makes you feel loved?” The answers I received were so enlightening, I decided to share them with parents. Most were actions and words that didn’t cost anything, yet the return was priceless, enhancing self-esteem, confidence, and showing genuine support. So, extending this exercise to adults, here’s a list of gifts that say “I love you.” Many cost very little money, most are healthy, and all are priceless.
Here’s a list of 78 holiday treats to boost the physical and mental health of your loved ones.

*The gift of time
1.     Attend a movie, sports event, or cultural event (art exhibit, anyone?) together
2.     Create a favorite dish together
3.     Ask about their dreams (make sure to listen more than you talk)
* For the inner chef/ crafter/ gardener
*cookie mix layered in a jar, with instructions on the tag
*handmade soaps, lotions, bath salts
*chili or soup mix layered in a jar, with instructions on the tag
*bath salts
*herb seeds and those little peat pots with recipes

1. Wii Fit Video Games
2. Juicer
3. Grill Pan
4. Vegetable Steamer
5. Puzzles
6. Exercise Video

7. Nutrition Counseling Session
8. Running Shoes
9. Gym bag packed with new water bottle
Cuisinart® Prep 9™ 9-Cup Food Processor10.workout clothes, iPod and gift gym membership.
11. Subscription to health magazine
12. Day at the spa
13. Massage
14. Set of fluffy white spa towels
15. Financial portfolio session
16. Relaxing jazz (we could get a list of some faves)
17. Trial gym membership
18. Mini vacation (weekend stay at a hotel)
19. Zumba music
20. Planning session with a professional organizer
21. Tuition for a community step, ballroom, or belly dancing class
22. Gift certificate for yogurt shop
23. Health journal
24. Tuition for a community stress management course
25. Season tickets to university or city arts events

For the lovable Geek
*Science kits, like crystal growing kits.
*Anatomy colouring books
*Dinosaur bone dig kits

To Your Health
1. Trial yoga membership
2. Music for Yoga and Other Joys - Jai Uttal (CD)
3. Coffee gift cards
4. Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. (Book)
5. Nature hikes (some areas host edible herb tours)
6. Digs (depending on where it is there are places where you can go dig for gemstones)
7. Tai Chi or Qi Gong class
8. Pilates
9. Reiki Session
10. Gift card for vegetarian restaurant
11. Suze Orman - The Road to Wealth (Book)
12. Gift card to iTunes or Rhapsody Membership
13. Sessions with a Nutitrionalist/Dietician
14. Manicure/pedicure gift certificate
15. Designer original Envirosax reusable bags

*Yoga mat & video

*Aromatherapy oils and burner

Ultra Giving
*The Hunger Site – all kinds of unusual gifts to help others
*Save-a-pet membership with the Animal Rescue Site

*Organic goods (food, clothing, etc.)/ green items
*Nature guide (i.e. birds, trees, whatever)
*Star gazing guide

*Folkmanis puppets for kids
*Musical instruments
*Learn to sing DVD
 *Scrapbooking kit with papers, stamps, ink, etc.
*Art supplies too. Watercolor paints and paper, clay, colored pencil sets, etc.
*Giant drawing pad
*Smoothie maker/ juicer
*Food vacuum
*Fresh herbs
*Garden starter kit for raised garden
*Natural hair care products, i.e. organic coconut oil
*Stress management books
*Romance books
*Kindle & Nook gift certificates
*Unabridged dictionary for writers
*Book of baby names by country
*Luminosity brain booster membership

Be sure to join me December 1st for some great book features just in time for Christmas gifts!