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Thank you for stopping by on Book Talk Wednesday! Today, my featured guests are (again, alphabetically) Erin Dameron-Hill with her Legend series, Cherie Reich, with Defying Gravity, and Adrienne Thompson, with the inspired When You've Been Blessed...Feels Like Heaven!  Another nice variety of spectacular books. Have a seat and look them over, and as always, I'm sure you'll find something you like :-) Click on the authors' names to learn more about them, and the purchase links are close by.,

Erin Dameron-Hill

Legend: The Wolf: As if being a psychic wasn't enough, Sophia Morgan survived a werewolf attack and now spends every minute watching the moon and praying her visions don't come true. But after losing several members of her pack, being constantly hounded by a mysterious creature in her visions, and knowing a werewolf hunter is in town, Sophia vows to take back her life. Enough is enough.
SOPHIA: Has been cursed twice, both with psychic ability and being a werewolf. The only things she wants in life are a family and a partner.
DAMON: The werewolf hunter, Damon Black, has always had his gun aimed at werewolves. But upon meeting Sophia, he aims his sights a little differently...

Legend: The Fey: Rachel Nemlue has never been able to fit in. Even though Rachel is the go-to assassin for the Fey commnutity, she is still an outsider. Being half-human and half-fairy is tough enough but especially tough when cannibalistic wights are on her trail!
RACHEL: Underneath that hardcore bitch lies a woman who just wants to be loved. Perhaps being loaded down with weapons has kept men at bay...
FYRE: Being immortal, nothing gets past Fyre, unless of course the "nothing" is Rachel. Sworn to always watch her, he will never takes his eyes from her, nor his heart...,

Legend: The Chimera:
Emily Schaffer finds herself on the top of a mountain halfway across the world. She's stranded, cold, and scared but she is not alone. A beast calls to her, whispers sweet nothings in her ear and forces her to do its bidding.
EMILY: Behind the pretty face of a librarian, lurks the monster of a Chimera. Can she control her own beast even as it hungers for the man who is rescuing her?
RICHARD: Although he is a werewolf gone rogue, Richard is in it to win it. Nothing will stop him from taking down his objective and taking the woman he wants!

Legend: The Pride: After losing her mother to mysterious circumstances and having bad luck at finding men, Jessica just wants to relax. But a vacation is the last thing that Colorado Byron, both cowboy and werelion, has in mind for her!
JESSICA aka KITTY: She is a recently divorced 36 year old on a mission. Her mother just passed away, her husband cheated on her, and she feels completely alone. She longs for companionship, for a love that is deeper and more profound than mere soul mates.
COLORADO: All he wants is to find his tamer, the woman that will forever set his heart free...

Thank you!
Erin Dameron-Hill                                            
Twitter: @ErinDameronHill

Defying Gravity, book one in my space fantasy novelette trilogy. Here is the book description:

Futuristic Space Fantasy Novelette

Homesick upon the SS Perseid, Linia, a young linguist, thinks she signed up for a mission of peace, but her crew members have another plan: attack the planet Medusa.

Bored with his dying planet, Alezandros, a space cruiser pilot, joins the Medusan army in his quest for adventure.

When the SS Perseid clashes with the Medusans' cruisers, Alezandros and Linia's lives intertwine. Sucked through a wormhole, they crash upon a post-apocalyptic Earth and are captured by cannibals. In adjacent cells, Alezandros and Linia cast their differences aside for a common bond: escape. But when romantic feelings emerge between them, they might do the unthinkable because for a Medusan and a Persean to fall in love, it would defy gravity.

Link: Amazon

Adrienne Thompson

Blurb for When You've Been Blessed:
A Gospel singer on the edge...

A Gospel singer's world is ripped apart by an unexpected revelation, leaving her wondering if anything is really as it seems, and sending her on a journey towards healing and an unlikely love.

Reviewers call When You've Been Blessed, "Phenomenal" and "Amazing".

Purchase links:
Barnes and Noble Link:
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

Isaiah 43:2

Thank you, Ladies, for sharing your great books today!


Dariel Raye said…
Good morning! Thank you for gracing my site with your books!
Cherie Reich said…
Great list of books!

Thank you for showcasing my Defying Gravity. :)
E said…
Ooh, these books look great! And thank you, Dariel, for showcasing my Legend series!
Dariel Raye said…
You are very welcome, Ladies! You're right, Erin, all of the books look great! Happy writing and abundant sales to each of you :-)
Dariel Raye said…
Thank YOU, Adrienne, for your wonderful books and great info ;-)