Have Paranormal Heroes Created a New Mold?

In my last post I mentioned bestselling author J.R. Ward’s capture romance installment. Well, this weekend, and very likely next week, too, I’ll continue with my hero-obsession. When I read the first installment in Ward’s Blackdagger Brotherhood series, I was sold on paranormal romance once again. She helped revolutionize the edgy, tormented hero saving the world while waiting to be loved by just the right woman – the one and only. Since the Brotherhood, quite a few other breeds, new species, even demonica working in an underground hospital, have caught my eye. This weekend, I’d like to make use of the Brotherhood for my study, and of course I need your help.

One of the many things I love about the Brothers is that while they all have heroic characteristics in common, each one is still unique, and has some quirk or trait all his own. Now, this either makes me love him more, or it doesn’t necessarily move me.  Of the six original Blackdagger brothers, plus Butch O’Neal, that makes it seven, choose your favorite, and tell me why in comments. Oh, okay, I know it’s hard to choose just one. Choose two. To make it a bit easier, I’ll list them below…

Bk. 1 – Dark Lover – Wrath – King of Brotherhood – Last purebred left on Earth –

Bk. 2 – Lover Eternal – Rhage – Possessed by a deadly dragon-like creature –
            Cursed by Scribe Virgin – Mary

Bk. 3 – Lover Awakened – Zsadist – Still bears scars of horrible physical and
Emotional abuse –Phury’s  twin – teaches young brothers to fight – Bella

Bk. 4 – Lover Revealed – Butch O’Neal – Ex-cop – first human allowed into
            Brotherhood – Marissa

Bk. 5 – Lover Unbound – Vishous – Brilliant, possesses destructive power in one
            Hand and ability to see future events – into dom/sub – Dr. Jane

Bk. 6 – Lover Enshrined – Phury – Self-sacrificing - Zsadist’s twin – Feels guilty
            About what happened to Zsadist – Primale of the Chosen

Bk. 10 – Lover Reborn – Tohrment (Tohr) – Returned emaciated a hollow –
            disappeared after his shellan was murdered – they were the adoptive
            parents of John Matthew before his change.

Tell me. Which ones tugged at your heartstrings most? Don’t know about you, but the same characteristics that make me yearn for my make-believe heroes are the same character traits I’m drawn to in real walking talking men. They’re not always so dreamy, but every now and then they can do some pretty heroic things, too J


Inez Kelley said…
I think Ward too an established thing(a brotherhood of alphas) and kicked it up six notches.

Zsadist tugged on my heart strings the most but Wrath is my favorite. Brutally strong yet he cradles Beth like she is glass. His sightless eyes don't takeaway from his alpha-ness.

Phury is just a pansy whiny with great hair though.
Dariel Raye said…
LOL. Hey Inez! I'm definitely with you on Zsadist. Deep and tortured, just the way I like them, and he'll kill for Bella. Crazy about Vishous and Wrath, too.