Windows of the Soul?

What’s your favorite eye color for a romantic hero? Black as coal? Baby blue? Amber or chestnut brown? My original plan was to give every eye color equal billing. Mark, my hero in Vashti's Star, had green eyes, Raven, my hero wolf shifter in Raven's Shelter, had baby blues, and Canaan, the hero in my first story of The Alerians,  has steel gray peepers. So the next color should be some shade of brown, pitch black, or perhaps warm hazel, right? One would think, yet here I am...writing away...and what color do I dream up for my next hero?

Green! Not just green, but emerald green.this time

Got me thinking...what does eye color mean to me?  What's up with me and the green-eyed hero?

According to The Meaning of Eye Colors, you can find any number of mythical meanings for eye color. Brown eyes indicate independence, love of nature, groundedness (is that a real word?), and the list goes on. Black means mystery, sex (who would have guessed?), witchcraft,  secrets, darkness. You get the picture.

So, what of my delicious green-eyed creatures? What draws me to them again and again? Spirituality. Apparently,  my sexy hero is spiritual, healthy, and to top things off, he's a healer. So what's your favorite eye color for a romantic hero?  Pick your favorite in the poll (bottom right of this page next to "about me") and share your reasons with me in comments.

Results from my last poll? You guessed it! The brown eyes won! Thanks to my poll-participants :-)


Fire Shadow said…
Never gave it a lot of thought. Cussler would sometimes drone on about Dirk Pitt's blue eyes. One small fact, then a character thought.

Eye color is determined by the amount of melanin, a dark brown pigment, present in your irises. Blue eyes are due to a lack of melanin, while brown eyes indicate melanin-rich irises. When an individual has different amounts of melanin in each of their irises, their eyes are different colors.

Thus the medical condition Heterochromia iridium. This is the scientific name for two different color eyes in the same individual. It's relatively rare in humans but common in some animals, such as horses, cats, and certain species of dogs.
The Romans may have considered such a individual as favored by Janus. No hard evidence of this though. All that to say the character that pops in my mind is a wolf shifter with the different eye colors of the husky.